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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jefferson, Pennsylvania Dive. Do I Make It Out Alive?

Dive of the day.  Demasky's Tavern in Jefferson, Pennsylvania.  Did the large dude at the end of the bar take a swing at me?  Check back as soon as I get home to write up a new review.


  1. Demaske's is a great place and people talk about drugs being there no there is no drug activity yeah people coming in that bar does drugs but that has nothing to do with the bar or the owner.

    1. yeah your right i love Demaske's and everyone there expecially Stacey Demaske she is sexy as hell she is out going,will help you in anyway she can and is a great mom she is always there for her son no matter what she actually is the reason i go there that is one girl who will suceed in anything she trys.

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  2. apparently you people that are talking anonymous are scared,jealous,and must have nothing better to do than talk about someone.there are a lot worse bars than demaskes bar,that has been ran for over 50 years by chickie! no drugs ever involved!Marko will help anyone and cleans up 90% of Greene county. so you people that are talking karma will take care of you! better hope you're wife doesn't go and fuck niggars!