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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Wet Lounge -- REVIEW

The Wet Lounge
1021 South 178th Street, Omaha - (402) 502-9995

I set off, on foot mind you, for the Wet Lounge armed with my notepad, cell phone and a fresh new 20 dollar bill to see how far that would get me. It was 8:00ish on a Thursday so I was a bit surprised to see the place pretty near empty. The Wet Lounge location is just plain odd, it’s in a strip mall-ish development in the same area as a chiropractor, dentist and day spa. It’s safe to say, it’s not really the most inviting bar I’ve even seen from the outside.

First impressions: This place is really blue. Not as in the mood, but the color blue, like an almost neon blue. As for the furniture, the tables throughout all have that circa 1979 diningroom table-look with matching chairs on coasters.

Crowd: Two tables of loud golf types chatting about the same thing middle age golfers seem to like to talk about (getting away from the kids, the wife is a nag, and lying about shooting a 68 the other day), a mean-looking concrete guy (complete with no sleeves), and grey-haired woman who did not order a drink but apparently hit it big on a poker machine.

The Bar: Looked to be heavily stocked with a wide array of vodka…which leads me to believe this place has served more than its share of JagerBombs. For the beer drinkers in the crowd, there are 8 beers on tap and (everything from Bud Light to Blue Moon and Guinness) and a big selection of bottled beer. The bar itself (you know, that place where your drink goes) is looking pretty banged up. It too is blue, but looks like it’s had a fair share of shot glasses, or skulls, banged off of it. There is a pool table and dartboard oddly placed just sort of in the back of the place.

Service: The bartender was a likeable former Backstreet Boy-looking wannabe compete with several large tattoos and a penchant for Irish punk music (OK in my book). Before I had time to settle into my bar stool he asked my drink order, and for the rest of my time there, he never let my glass get close to empty without asking if I was ready for another round. Cheers to you my friend!

Drink Specials: I didn’t see a whole lot of them advertised. Lots of posters for $4 drafts (that is not a drink special in my book) I did notice that they have a $2 Miller Lite special on Wednesday nights during karaoke. Since the Miller Lite I was drinking was only $2.75, I was happy to pay the extra money on a Thursday to avoid middle-aged drunk people attempting to sing Katy Perry songs.

Food: I’m not a food critic, which is good because they don’t have a menu here. In the future however, I will only strictly review wings.

A/V: While I would not classify this as a “sports” bar, there are nine TVs located throughout the place. They are kind of on the smallish-side, so I’m not sure this is where I would choose to watch a game I am highly intent on watching. There is a DJ there Wednesday-Saturday nights if that matters to you. The odd thing about the DJ was he seemed to be closer to the age of collecting social security than he did playing frat parties at UNO.

Rest Rooms: Not too shabby! Surprisingly clean-looking and non-odoriferous. That may have been the biggest shock of the evening.

Bartender Chat: In making small-talk with the bartender, I asked him how the new 2:00 am closing was working out. He said that on the previous Saturday night, between the hours of 1:00-2:00, he kicked out nearly 10 people…something he claims to rarely have done when last call was at 12:45. He also let me know that a “party bus” from Lincoln was on the way and that things could get “kind of crazy”. Sure enough, just as I was about to leave, a spray painted black bus showed up with 20 or so drunk people. Which raises the question, why hop on a bus for an hour to come to the ‘burbs of Omaha to get your drink on?

How Far Did My $20 Go: Five pints for a total of $13.75 and a $4 tip…I still walked out of there with some money in my pocket.

Final Impressions: I’ve been here a few times and never walk out hating the place. It never really gives me a reason to make it a point to stop here either. This is what I would classify as a “third base lounge” …it makes a logical last stop before home if you live in the area. So the question is, would I Hit That Dive again?

Oddly, I would. It’s never going to be a first-choice option in my book (even though I can walk there) but try as I might to dislike the place, I have always had great service and reasonably priced drinks.

DIVE-O-METER (1-10 shot glasses…10 being world’s greatest dive) Wet Lounge on Urbanspoon

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