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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dive Bar Song Hall of Fame -- VOTE

Last week I asked Hit That Dive Facebook fans to name their favorite dive bar tune of all time. For their hard work, one lucky wino will win an original, first-run, Hit That Dive t-shirt...if their song is the winner of course. The voting rules are simple:

1. Give each of these songs a listen
2. Go to http://www.hitthatdive.com/
3. Vote
4. Don’t bitch to me about the song selections if you didn’t submit a song

So, in no particular order, I give you the first-ever HTD choices for dive bar song Hall of Fame.


  1. I think I should get a t-shirt for being the first one to vote. ;)

    Help bring hit that dive bar to Jersey!

  2. I agree! We need some Hit That DIve merch in Jersey. Send me your address and I'll throw a shit in the mail tomorrow. hitthatdive@gmail.com. Thanks for being the first to vote! Wear it with pride.

  3. Please do not send me shit. lol!

  4. Please...it is the finest shirt you can ever wear to have a $1.00 draft spilled all over you from a drunk who has been drinking for 11 hours!

  5. Classic...just caught my typo now. Yes...I will be sure to send you a SHIRT and not SHIT as I had written earlier. Subtle differences to be sure.

  6. Very much appreciated!

  7. I voted, but think Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar" should have been included since it is written about, and is the anthem of most of the dive bars I have ever been in.

  8. Rob...I could not agree more. Read the Brass Monkey review, I used the song lyrics all over that review. I was in shock that no one nominated it. I will consider it song number one for the next round of voting which, means you are already entered to win a Hit That Dive t-shirt. Is this your lucky day or what!