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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dive Bar Song Hall of Fame -- VOTE

Last week I asked Hit That Dive Facebook fans to name their favorite dive bar tune of all time. For their hard work, one lucky wino will win an original, first-run, Hit That Dive t-shirt...if their song is the winner of course. The voting rules are simple:

1. Give each of these songs a listen
2. Go to http://www.hitthatdive.com/
3. Vote
4. Don’t bitch to me about the song selections if you didn’t submit a song

So, in no particular order, I give you the first-ever HTD choices for dive bar song Hall of Fame.


  1. I think I should get a t-shirt for being the first one to vote. ;)

    Help bring hit that dive bar to Jersey!

  2. I agree! We need some Hit That DIve merch in Jersey. Send me your address and I'll throw a shit in the mail tomorrow. hitthatdive@gmail.com. Thanks for being the first to vote! Wear it with pride.

  3. Please...it is the finest shirt you can ever wear to have a $1.00 draft spilled all over you from a drunk who has been drinking for 11 hours!

  4. Classic...just caught my typo now. Yes...I will be sure to send you a SHIRT and not SHIT as I had written earlier. Subtle differences to be sure.

  5. I voted, but think Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar" should have been included since it is written about, and is the anthem of most of the dive bars I have ever been in.

  6. Rob...I could not agree more. Read the Brass Monkey review, I used the song lyrics all over that review. I was in shock that no one nominated it. I will consider it song number one for the next round of voting which, means you are already entered to win a Hit That Dive t-shirt. Is this your lucky day or what!