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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Nest Lounge, Omaha -- PREVIEW

Wow.  A few months ago I reviewed a bar that was across an alley from a pre-school.  But this is a place that's ATTACHED to a pre-school.  Is that even legal?   In any case, check back tomorrow for my review of Omaha's Nest Lounge.


  1. I love your blog! I’ve included it on a site I’ve created, which is a compilation of some of the best blogs in the city.

    Best of Blogs Omaha

  2. Awesome! Thanks for including Hit That Dive!! I look forward to reading your site!

    Scuba Steve

  3. just a thought and an FYI..... The nest was there LONG before the preschool entered the picture.... The playgroud didnt used to be locked when first opened and some of the patrons had a blast playing and going down the slide...THEN they locked it...

  4. Yeah...I was able to find out that The Nest (or at least a bar) has been in that spot for more than 30 years. Why whold someone want to open a pre-school there??

    I tried to get into the playground, just to do it, and you're right...it WAS locked. Can't say I blame them for that!