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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas -- PREVIEW

Tired of the Vegas "club scene"?  In that case, the Double Down Saloon is just what you're looking for.  This is directly from their website... "Known the world over as the Happiest Place on Earth, the Double Down Saloon has been bringing a much needed sophistication to Las Vegas since 1992.  Interplanetary abstract.  Urban decay.  The Anti-Vegas.  Double Down is indeed a clubhouse for the lunatic fringe."  Details tomorrow.  Oh, did I mention that you can buy "puke insurance" too?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Homy Inn, Omaha -- REVIEW

1510 North Saddle Creek Road
Omaha, NE 68104-5065
(402) 554-5815

Let’s get right to it, shall we? The Homy Inn is the most well-known “dive” bar in Omaha. Hell, I even read an article about the place before I moved to the area a few years ago. And let’s say after reading about the “warm peanuts in dog bowls” and “champagne on tap” (really the French keg-up their stuff…or is this not actually champagne?) that it didn’t seem like the kind of place I would like. So, I walked in with a bit of preconceived opinion of this bar before long before I ever set foot on the “hallowed ground” of Saddle Creek Road. My biggest concern was that the “Homy” would be populated with douchey former record store-looking clerks and urban nerds named “Biff”. Let’s say it did not disappoint.

First Impressions: Hey, what do you know, there’s a bunch of suburban hipsters getting their “smoke on” out front. What a shock. As Mrs. HitThatDive and I were walking past said hipsters (and having a meaningless conversation), their leader felt the need to mockingly repeat my wife’s response of “Really?” to a brilliant statement I had just uttered. Had it not been date night, it very well could have been fight night. This is going well so far, don’t you think?

The Bar: The Homy looks like you’re walking into the local Cracker Barrel for some chicken fried steak. I’ll give credit where it’s due, they have cool shit EVERYWHERE and a great beer selection of nearly 30 beers on tap and more than 50 types of bottled beer. The room itself is pretty small with tables that are right on top of each other and a small bar that can seat roughly 8-10 people. They even have a decent amount of Scotch. How do I know? Some guy next to me inquired about their selection of “Single Malt”…not a divey thing to ask. Sorry.

The Crowd: I’ve been told through Facebook that it is usually a great crowd here, but I can only go with what I saw the night I was there. A few things first, all men MUST be in some type of ski hat, have a beard, and (if possible) have a scarf tied at a jaunty angle around their neck. Per capita, there were more stupid-looking hats in this place (including a beret or two) that I have ever seen…and that includes Vail. I will write this verbatim from my notes that night, “This is where hipster wannabe tough guys come to not get their asses kicked in real dive bar”. Of note, there was a woman in her 70s there as well.

Service: If you’re looking for a reason to come to the Homy, it is the service. The bartender was an oasis of awesome in a desert of loud pretentious-alcohol consuming Hot Topic rejects. Quick with the drinks, great to talk to and all with the perfect F*** you type of demeanor. It was in interesting dynamic, everything I hate about bars sitting all around me, and everything that makes a bar great serving me drinks.

Prices: This place is a cash machine for the owners. I was paying $4.50 a pint and did see a sign for a seasonal Blue Moon pint for $3.25. Want a pitcher of “champagne” (how do you order that without giggling?)? That will set you back $18.95. Want some popcorn or peanuts? Yeah, those have a price too. Popcorn is only $.25 so why bother with the annoyance of charging people? In defense of the Homy Inn’s prices, if you can pack a bar every night even as you make people pay through the nose…more power to you.

Food: Sorry for being so lazy on this one, but I think you can order stuff from across the street. Not sure, and actually, I didn’t really care to ask.

Entertainment: There’s a jukebox (not on all that loudly), a game of Golden Tee and Buck Hunter Safari…that’s about it. When the jukebox isn’t on they were playing some Adult Rock station on XM that had on songs from the Goo Goo Dolls. Isn’t this supposed to be Ground Zero for the Omaha music scene? The real entertainment in this bar though, is looking around at all the dudes in hats trying to look like Connor Oberst. It’s just like the scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High “Linda, that girl looks just like Pat Benatar!" "I know. Wait. There are three girls at Ridgemont...who have cultivated the Pat Benatar look." Just replace “Benatar” with “Oberst” and “Ridgemont” with “Homy”.

Restrooms: Small. Cramped. Do your thing and get out.

Bartender Chat: Even the bartender admitted that this seemed like it was going to be an especially long and weird night for her too. There were just dude after dude coming up to her and complaining about everything from the volume of the jukebox to the scotch burning someone’s tongue too much. I’ll assume from her comments that this may not have been the Homy Inn at its best.

How Far Did My $20 Go: Four pints of Newcastle. Or I could have had one pitcher of “champagne”…something I will never order in a million years.

Final Thoughts: As I was leaving, some dude ordered a honey/raspberry beer. Just stop it already! This is supposed to be a “dive”…can someone order a shot of Crown…please? Because a bar is in an old building with stuff all over the wall, does not make it a dive. It is a funky, eclectic, well-run establishment that attracts the type of crowd I like to avoid. But, this just attracts too much of the Ubran Outfitters-type (with matching snooty drink orders) to be a legitimate dive. That said, it is an Omaha institution, that you should visit if only once in your life.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homy Inn, Omaha -- PREVIEW

Can a place even claim to be a "dive" bar if it serves champagne on tap to overly pretentious customers who wear sweaters and debate which type of scotch they want to quaff next?  Short answer "HELL NO".  Long explanation coming tomorrow.

Alderman's Bar, Omaha -- REVIEW

Serving cheap drinks since 1937
3216 Leavenworth Street
Omaha, NE 68105-2016
(402) 341-5190

There are so many bars, and so few of me, that I am always willing to check out a place at the advise of one of  the"loyal" HitThatDive readers (insert rimshot here).  Thanks to a note from karaoke madman "The G-Man", I decided to give the bars on Leavenworth Street yet another try...my luck here hasn't been too good so far...but if nothing else it will be nice to finally meet The G-Man in person.  (On a sidenote, I don't like karaoke, but check out the G-Man if you ever get the chance...best karaoke guy ever!)

First Impressions:  No bar I have ever walked into has ever had this many signs for drinks specials on every inch of every wall. Ever. It was 9:30 on a Friday night and the place was loud and crowded. It’s bigger than your run-of-the-mill bar, (as far as the size of the building) and I noticed a sign as I walked into the door that said this dive has been an “Omaha drinking institution since 1937". So far so good!

Not there to sing
The Bar: Like I said, this is a larger-than-usual bar, but not too big. There are 12 stools for people to belly-up and the chairs aren’t all crammed together, so it’s a pretty comfortable place to sit. Alderman’s has 8 beers on tap, TONS of drink specials including $2.50 PBR “Tall Boys” and my all-time favorite $2.00 Mickey’s on Mondays. The room is a big “L” shape and easily can accommodate the 8 old-school tables and two pool tables without feeling cramped. And best of all, the biggest picture on the wall was the classic shot of Johnny Cash flipping the finger.

The Crowd: For the most part I would say this was a group of people who were all older, loud and drunk. But overall, a good blend of bikers and construction workers mixed in with a rhinestone cowboy couple and even a dude in Docksiders with a polo shirt with the collar popped (Ahoy Polloi) . Everyone seemed hell-bent on having a good time, but don’t get in their way…they were there to pound drinks, dance their asses off, and sing as off-key as possible.

Busy but not packed
Service: I wasn’t able to score a seat at the bar, so I had to keep walking up to get my drinks. But, no big deal, as fast as I could squeeze my way to the bar, the bartender was ready with another beer as quick as he could grab it. There was only one guy serving the boozehounds on this night, and everyone always had a full drink. I didn’t catch his name, but this dude even looks like how a bartender should look…50ish, friendly, not intimidating but with a touch of “I can kick your ass if I have to” look about him.

Prices: I may run out of space trying to list all them. So here are a few, just so you get the idea…$6 pitchers, $2.50 Captain Morgan drinks, $2 UV drinks $3 bombs and $1.50 domestic bottles, 64 ounce fishbowls of various drinks including the “Liquid Panty Remover” for $16 and an entire list of shots that can be ordered with HitThatDive’s favorite mixer Liquid Ice. Including my personal favorite Liquid Ice vodka drink, The Donkey Punch. Take my advise when you walk in, check for the special of the moment…I am sure they have one.
People love to "cut a rug" here
Food: A few assorted bags of no-name chips for a $1.00. Come here to drink, not to eat

Entertainment: Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30-1:00 is karaoke night. I am usually not a fan, but The G-Man is an awesome Emcee (and one heck of a singer too) and really gave the place a fun vibe. They also have two pool tables and a boxing machine that I actually saw someone using…and thank God he didn’t take a swing at me because that dude could punch. Some TV’s were on behind the bar, but the show here on this night were the drunk people singing off-key as loud as possible.

Restrooms: Whoa. What the…these are clean. How did that happen? Not all that big, but, damn, these things are actually useable. I did not see that one coming. Nice!

Bartender Chat: Not having a seat at the bar, makes this one tough to answer. I did like the fact that the dude behind the bar always called me “partner”…or one of those words. Bartenders that can work that sort of stuff into a sentence, without making it sound forced, clearly know how do run a bar where all the drinkers are happy.

Clean?  Clean!
How Far Did My $20 Go: I was drinking domestic bottles for $2.75, sounds about right, but had I been there with a designated drive (AKA Mrs. HitThatDive), I could have really tied one on under budget. Hell, for $18 bucks, I could have had three pitchers of PBR and still had money for some chips.

Final Impressions: This has to be my favorite bar in Midtown on Leavenworth Street so far. From what I can tell, this is a great place to get drunk, have fun or even find a fight (if you’re looking for one). This really is a place that you would think most great dives should look like...complete with the kind of barflies you want to drink with in a place like this. The G-Man hit the nail on the head when he announced through his speakers, “Welcome to the best little dive on Leavenworth” so far I would have to agree with him.

8.5 (Hit This Dive!)

Hit This Dive

Alderman's Bar on Urbanspoon

Alderman's Bar, Omaha -- PREVIEW

Yes, I know.  I was supposed to review the place in Denver from a week ago. But let's face it...I'm lazy.  I don't get paid for this stuff.  And, wait...(I'm sure I have a third point) but I just can't seem to remember it at this moment.  In any case...I was in Omaha...I had a few drinks...and if I don't feel too lazy tomorrow...I'll do TWO reviews!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Game On!

Have a great day.  Be safe.  See you at the bars starting...now!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Find Your Game Face Soon

Let the countdown begin...lightweights need not apply.

El Chapultepec, Denver (LoDo) -- PREVIEW

There's a new contestent for the title of "Worst Men's Room Ever".  Is the rest of El Chapultepec this bad? Details tomorrow.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mystery Restroom Contest

Be the first person to successfully name the bar that this restroom is located in and win your very own HitThatDive t-shirt.  Question of the day...when you use a sink that this do your hands get cleaner or dirtier?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maloney's Pub, Omaha -- REVIEW

I'm a bad photographer
1830 North 72nd St
Omaha NE
(402) 502-1880
This was not a planned stop on my night out, the original plan was to stop at a different Irish-themed place. Now, I can’t tell you name of the original bar (but it does rhyme with ‘Raisin Fred’) because I left there after being told to pay unadvertised $3 cover charge before 8:00 pm and laughing uncontrollably as I walked out. So I jumped back into the Dive-Mobile and headed over to where I thought I had seen a cool-looking place just off of 72nd Street…but I just could not remember the name.

First Impressions: Maloney’s! That’s it. The first thing I saw was a fireplace to my left (thumbs-up for Irish bars with a fireplace) and a decent amount of people sitting at the bar that were good and loud. This place is a bit of dive meets Irish bar and that has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank God I’m cheap and refuse to pay a cover, or I would have never walked into this bar.

Great selection
The Bar: There are roughly 15 seats at the very long bar and 15 or so tables and high tops around the rest of the room. It’s a pretty decent-sized place so make this a stop for an entire group of people if and when you’re out this way. They offer 6 beers on tap, have a good selection of Irish whiskey, and for the first time I spotted my first Tuaca machine. I have had that stuff once, and I was not about to order it again. Not that we could use it on this night, but they also have an outdoor beer garden and sand volleyball court to boot.

The Crowd: I counted 25 or so people sitting, and standing, in various parts of the room. They were old and young…drunk and sober. But one thing was evident from the moment I sat down…this place attracts real people who want to go out, have fun and catch a nice buzz. Other than a few women with some of the dudes in the place, the majority of the crowd was guys…which I guess is a good thing for the ladies who read this.

Service: I never did catch her name, but the bartender was awesome. Quick with the drinks, and the jokes, she was a fine mix of all business mixed with all fun…is that even possible? It was nearly eight hours into her shift, a point where I would be crabby to customers, and she was great from the second we sat down until the moment we left.

Plenty of Room at Maloney's
Prices: A draft beer was setting me back $2.75 a pint because of bad timing on my part. Had I been there after 10:00 pm, those same drafts would have only been a dollar. They have decent beer specials every night of the week and a happy hour that runs from 3-7 every day. Figures that I would have been there right in the middle of two drink specials. Check their website if you’re going to see what’s the special that day…or duh…just ask when you sit down.

Food: Unlike other “Irish” bars in the area, Maloney’s actually puts their menu on a chalkboard…like a real pub. They don’t have a ton of food options except for nachos, burgers and ruebens but I would come back here to have some good pub grub.

Entertainment: Because the pub is in a decent-sized area they have, among other things, 4 dart boards, shuffle board, pool table and that ever popular Golden Tee…that I never see anyone playing anywhere! Not sure if this counts as entertainment or not, but they also sell “French Ticklers” in the men’s room and they are “ribbed for her pleasure”. Guys, here’s a little trick I learned years ago; next time put your French Tickler on inside-out for YOUR pleasure! It’s your .50 cents…right?

Fireplace. Nice!
Restroom: When you’re not buying a condom in here, there’s really no issues in the mens room. Clean enough, pretty big and just past the kitchen so you can smell some good fries on your way back to your bar stool.

Bartender Chat: This was more of an entire bar chat. But somehow the topic was about some guy’s nipples that were the size of dimes. How that topic was brought up I have no idea, but it quickly turned into why do guys even have nipples in the first place? But, just as it was getting interesting, some guy walked in selling door-to-door pork chops (and he was not wearing a Schwan’s uniform either). A few things here…never buy unsolicited meat (that’s what she said) and always assume someone selling pork chops at night stole them from somewhere. Quick thinking by one of the bar owners to check the origin of said chops, showed that they WERE indeed stolen. A few moments later and apparently the pork burglar was in police custody…and the world is a safer place today!

No Glove. No Love.
How Far Did My $20 Go: Had I sat down in Maloney’s an hour later, I would have had a jaw-dropping 20 beers for 20 bucks! As it turns out, the everyday prices will buy you a bit more than seven pints of domestic beer at the regular price. Not too bad…I suppose.

Final Impressions: It’s places like Maloney’s that give the term “neighborhood dive” a great name. When you can walk into a bar, feel comfortable about being there and get treated like a regular (even though you’re not) what else do you want in a spot to throw back a few drinks? Add Maloney’s to your list of bars to check out, just remember, don’t buy any pork chops! HIT THIS DIVE


Great Place.  I'll Be Back

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maloney's Pub, Omaha -- PREVIEW

Coming tomorrow is a review of a bar where we witnessed some random dude trying to sell pork chops at nine o'clock at night.  And, as you might have guessed, they were from a heist of nearly one ton of pork stolen from Iowa (who steals pork chops anyway?).  Thanks to a quick-thinking bar owner...this not-so-bright peddler of pork...was quickly apprehended without so much as a squeal.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clancy's Pub (Southwest), Omaha -- REVIEW

Don't let the shamrock fool you
2905 S 168th Street
Omaha NE 68130

My search for great Irish bars in Omaha took me Clancy’s, well one of the Clancy’s there’s more than one (but not as many as there used to be). In fairness, I’ve been in this one twice before (usually to have a few afternoon Bloody Marys) and never walked out all that impressed. Hell, I even spent part of last St. Patrick’s Day here at their annual drunkfest in the parking lot out front…and don’t really remember liking it or not that time either. So, with that as the sum of all my experiences in Clancy’s, I figured why not give it one more shot.

First Impressions: It took a while for my eyes to get adjusted from the cloudless sky, to the very dark (even in the afternoon) bar area. Once I could see through my squinting (not from being drunk this time) I was amazed that there was not one seat to be had at the bar…which is pretty damn big to begin with. But one thing is evident, this is an “Irish” bar in name only. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a sports bar.

Big "pub". Nice people 
The Bar: Like I said, the bar itself is pretty big and can seat at my count about 25 people. The room is huge and is sort of split into two areas (with the one part looking more like a place to eat) and there are easily 20 or more tables throughout the entire bar…make that “Irish“ pub. They have 10 run-of-the-mill beers on tap, 20 or so bottled beers (including my newest swill beer of choice Grain Belt) and enough bottles of UV Vodka for an entire sorority to get hammered before dinnertime. In fact, from where I was sitting, the entire bar smelled like one big Jager Bomb.

The Crowd: I counted at least 30 people when I walked in the door…and this was a Saturday afternoon with pretty nice weather for March I might add. Most people seemed to be there to watch Creighton choke in their tournament game, but those who were just there to drink were made up of mostly unremarkable middle-aged bar flies. A seat opened up next to two women in their 60’s (I’m guessing) and they used language that was foul enough to make ME cringe. Good work ladies, you’re grandchildren must be very, very proud.

Not awful choices
Service: One bartender and one waitress for the entire place. And let me say this…they were awesome! Why is it when I go to Starbucks there can be 6 people behind the counter and it takes 15 minutes to place my order? Starbucks needs to take a few tips from these two at Clancy’s because no one ever waited for a drink no matter where they were sitting in the entire bar. Oh, did I mention that they were both cute and friendly as well? Again I have to ask, was is service this good so hard to find anymore?

Prices: It was only the afternoon, so domestic beer is the right call in this situation. I didn’t see signs anywhere for drink prices, so I was shocked to learn that I was paying $2.00 a draft. I was convinced that they were going to be at least $3.50...if not more. They do a happy hour Monday-Friday that gives you a $1 off all drinks…and a reverse happy hour that starts at 11 PM most nights that gives you the same deal. I followed a sign on the bar that said to text to a number to learn about any current specials…that did not work at all. You may want to look into that Clancy’s.

Plenty of room to sit
Food: They have a full menu, and pretty good smelling food. I had just sucked down an order of wings from Oscar’s, so I did not have any intentions of eating more here.

Entertainment: There are 10 TVs well-positioned around the entire "pub", so it’s pretty easy to watch a game here. Much like everywhere else these days, they have a dart board and the now ubiquitous Golden Tee Live. Once the game was over, they were playing classic rock through a good sound system that gave the place a nice vibe. And, they even have those play-at-your-seat trivia games that usually are good at sucking me in for at least two more beers that I hadn’t indented to order.

Restroom: This is probably the most Irish-looking part of Clancy’s because it's painted “Shamrock Shake” green. But for the most part it was clean and big, and takes you right past a breathalyzer testing machine. These things are a really bad idea in bars, but more on that some other time.

The most "Irish" part of Clancy's
Bartender Chat: Here’s how efficient my bartender was, she was able to keep the drinks flowing for a crowded bar and still have time to help a few of us out with a game of electronic hangman that we were playing to kill some time. Now we didn’t really talk about all that much, but who cares, bartenders that work this hard don’t have a lot of time for small talk. She was always ready to ask "Can I get you another?" long before I ever needed to ask.

How Far Did My $20 Go: How does 10 pints of domestic beer sound to you? I was never able to figure out if this was the everyday price, or if it was some type of special because the Jays game was on. On the other hand, I don’t care because I love cheap beer!

Final Thoughts: There is nothing Irish about Clancy’s except the Shamrock in the logo and the green restrooms. But, I was surprised at how much I didn’t mind spending some time here. Keep in mind that I wasn’t here at night, but for a place to watch some basketball and suck down a few cheap beers, you can do way worse. Who knew?? Hit This Dive.


A few additional notes: If you’re coming for St. Patrick’s Day, be prepared to pay a cover charge to get into the parking lot. And, if you get here around 2:00ish, they have live bagpipes that are pretty cool to see.
Not a bad bar to hang out in.  Who knew?
Clancy's Pub Southwest on Urbanspoon

Monday, March 7, 2011

Barrett's Barleycorn, Omaha -- REVIEW

Yep. This is an Irish Bar
4322 Leavenworth Street
Omaha, NE 68105-1032
(402) 554-5805

While compiling my list of Irish bars to check out before St. Patrick’s Day, I quizzed my insurance guy (and avid HitThatDive reader) Bob Speck about where he would go for a few pints. He suggested I make a trip down to Barrett’s Barleycorn…why didn’t I think of that first? Good call Bob. It was a Saturday night and I figured that I should bring a designated driver too. Knowing that most of my drinking buddies were busy, I graciously asked Ms. HitThatDive to join me…and promptly handed her the keys.

First Impressions: The parking looks like it can be a bit of an issue, but I was able to find a spot on the right side of the building. At first glance, the place seems pretty friendly and pretty busy for early on a Saturday night. Not sure that I would call this a “pub” it’s more like an Irish BAR and grille…but no big deal…looks like a good little place.

Plenty to choose from
 The Bar: Located on the left side of Barrett’s, the bar is long and seats roughly 15 people. There were a few people seated there, but it was easy enough to grab two places to sit. There are 15 or so tables around the room, with plenty of people sitting at them.  All the tables along the side wall have funky table lamps on them adding a bit to the Irish-themed decorations. 15 draft beers are available including Guinness and Harp, meaning that I can get a real Half and Half NOT a Black and Tan. Who knows the difference? Anyone? Bueller…Bueller?

The Crowd: It’s mostly a younger Creighton-dressed group of people with a few tables of older people here and there. I asked Mrs. HitThatDive how she would sum up the crowd in the place, after looking around for a bit she stated that “it was mostly drunk 20 somethings sitting around with a few intellectual 50 year olds thrown in for good measure.” There were a few hammered/dejected Jays fans sitting at the bar dropping the F bomb like two 11 year olds who just found out they get a huge laugh using the word “boobies” over and over. And, at some point in the evening, a family with a baby in carrier even showed up for dinner and seemed to be regulars. Nice mix of people, but I'm sure as the night goes on, the crowd gets younger and louder.

Bummed crowd after a Jays loss
Service: As evidenced by my trip to Leavenworth Bar, this area of town seems to be home of hard working , no nonsense bartenders. Two dudes behind the bar, and a Justin Bieber-looking guy working the grill. Need a drink…boom…there is was. Want to order food…they’re right there. Want to try a sample of something called Hopluia…there’s one on the way. On a side note, this is just me, but there is no need to sample Hopluia…not sure how I would even describe it? On the other hand, give it a try and tell me what YOU think it tastes like.

Prices: Keep in mind I was coming to an Irish place so ordering anything but an Irish beer was out of the question, but ouch, each Harp cost us $4.50 a pint…so much for a buzz with two of us drinking from my 20 bucks. I saw only one sign for drink specials and that was for PBR, something I was not in the mood for. Their webiste states they do have drink specials, and I noticed during a quick scan of their Facebook page that they had a good special on 20 ounce Bass and Guinness a month or so ago. Make it a point to ask for specials when you sit down, that's unless you have no issue with nearly five bucks a pint. If you’re a regular here, let me know of any specials that I’m missing so I can update this as needed. Gracias!

Looking right into the kitchen
Food: A full menu of good-looking bar food. I don’t really review food, but the prices were good and portions were huge…you will get what you pay for here as far as the food goes. I did also notice that they do a fish fry on Fridays during Lent…I loves me a good fish fry!

Entertainment: Standard issue dart board, golden tee and a jukebox. In a bit of an oddity, Barrett's was one of two Irish bars I visited on this night that also had an outdoor sand volleyball court. I never really associated Irish bars with beach volleyball, but maybe I just don’t go to the right kind of places.

Restrooms: Small but not too awful. Clean-ish, not too “fragrant” and cleaner than most I have seen lately.

Bartender Chat: I just had to ask about Hopluia and who in the world drinks it? Apparently there is a bit of a myth (or maybe it’s true) that they brew the stuff with a touch of hemp…so I was told that this seems to appeal to the dope smokers in the crowd. A quick Google search did not turn up any proof that this is a true claim, I may need to check Snopes.com next. I don't rate beer either, so here are the reviews from Beer Advocate, it gets a B-B+, so most people that drink it seem to like it…huh?

Not awful
How Far Did My $20 Go: This does not factor in the price of the food, I have a separate bank account for that, but let’s just say not too far. Twenty bucks got us exactly four pints of Harp, that's a bit steep, but seemingly in-line with what I have paid in this area before. I was hoping for closer to $3.75 (maybe $4.00 knowing the area) but then again I'm cheap and usually bitch about anything over the price of three bucks!

Final Thoughts: This is a neat place that seems fine enough for a family to have lunch or for a group of drunken college kids to hang out until two in the morning. They have a separate place called Castle Barrett for parties and big crowds (that I’m assuming will be here for St. Patrick’s Day) so add this one to your list when you're in the mood for an Irish-themed place. I wasn’t wowed by any one aspect, but Mrs. HitThatDive and I both really liked the place and vowed to come back the next time I need a designated driver and we were in the area. HIT THIS DIVE.

6.5 (Blogger's note, I rarely do this, but after thinking about it...I gave this bar too high a score.  So the original 7.5 has been readjusted to a run-of-the-mill score that is more accurate in my book.)

It did not go to waste

Barrett's BarleyCorn on Urbanspoon

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barrett's Barleycorn Pub and Grill - PREVIEW

Tomorrow starts a week of Irish bar reviews beginning with Barrett's Barleycorn.  Here's a bit of a spoiler alert, for the first time ever, I found a bar that either gets a ZERO or an incomplete...I haven't made up my mind yet.  I can't give away any details yet, so let's just say it has two words and a total of 10 letters.  But let's not dwell on the negative, Barrett's is a place I did like (but did I love it?) details tomorrow.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pogue Mahone

As the old Irish saying goes, "He'd step over 10 naked women to get a pint".  So, for the sake of research, I'm foregoing most naked women this weekend to scout out the best (or worst) of Omaha's Irish-themed bars. Check back over the next few days for the results.  Sláinte!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tune Inn, Washington, DC -- REVISIT

Last July I did of review of one of the best bars you will find anywhere in the world...DC's famous Tune Inn.  But, I gave it one of the highest scores ever with a bit of a cavet.

The problem was, a week after I was there, the very annoying Guy Fieri was getting ready to tape an episode of his very annoying show there.  And, I had feared that once it aired, one of the greatest drinking establishments in the world would be overrun with a bunch of DC douche bags.

I swung by the "Tune" again today to see if fame had gone to its head.  And I can happily report that it has not!  The Tune was every bit as great today as I'm sure it was the day it opened in 1947.

In short, why the Tune Inn is still one of the best:

  • Service, Service, Service.  The ladies behind the bar never let a drink get anywhere near empty before they check if you want another.  Not to mention, that if you're in their bar, you're a regular whether you'd been there before or not.
  • The Regulars. The Tune is filled with real people, who like to talk about a wide array of topics and invite you to join in on any conversation.
  • Location: There just aren't a whole lot of dive bars in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol Building.  The Tune would be great anywhere, but being that it's just a few blocks east of the Capitol gives it even more of a cool vibe.
  • Final Impressions are Lasting Impressions:  From my review in 2010...A must!  It is a dive bar classic. When you are in DC, or if you live here now, go to the Tune Inn, chat with the regulars, drink really strong drinks, sit on a bar stool and belt out "Rosalita" as it's cranked on the jukebox.  This is the kind of dive you only thought existed in bygone eras.
When Esquire named the Tune Inn one of the 100 greatest bars in the US a few years ago, this is what they had to say.  "You're having a ten-dollar pitcher of Miller with a burger.  The mounted deer heads on the wall make this dive interesting.  The deer asses make it great."  How can I argue with that!

9.75 ( The Tune never lost a point!)