Jukebox Skipping

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alderman's Bar, Omaha -- PREVIEW

Yes, I know.  I was supposed to review the place in Denver from a week ago. But let's face it...I'm lazy.  I don't get paid for this stuff.  And, wait...(I'm sure I have a third point) but I just can't seem to remember it at this moment.  In any case...I was in Omaha...I had a few drinks...and if I don't feel too lazy tomorrow...I'll do TWO reviews!


  1. Ah, the off beat cowboy. His singing style reminded me of Bob Dylan...drunk, stoned,with a stuttering problem. And let me tell ya, he is one Fancy Dancer

  2. NO kidding! I have seen that much rug-cutting since my last trip to Kelly's Carpet.