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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rusty Nail Inn, Omaha -- NOT Closed

A return trips awaits this weekend.
As it turns out the Urbanspoon.com page, the disconnected phone number and the locked doors are no indication that the Rusty Nail is closed...a drive-by at 6:00 pm tonight shows that it IS indeed still open. That settles it...a return to the Rusty Nail Inn will happen this weekend.  Stay tuned!

I got word that the Rusty Nail Inn, the worst-reviewed bar in the history of HitThatDive, recently had closed.  That bit of information seemed to be confirmed by UrbanSpoon.com and also by the fact the the phone number I have listed for them has been disconnected. 

Not wanting to pass along rumors, I hopped into my car and took a drive out to 144th and Pacific to verify (in person) that the bar where I once found it almost impossible to order a drink, did indeed meet its demise.  Now, there was no sign on the locked door, but the always present neon "Open" sign was not on and there was not a car to be found.  Let's assume that they are out of business. 

For those that don't remember this review, I once said the crowd in this dive was "A smorgasbord of boozy bar types. You name it, they had it. Half drunk 60 year old cougar? Got it. Middle aged bar flies? Got it. Tatted-up 30ish types smoking and dropping the F bomb? Of course!"

In fairness, the new owner was trying to turn the joint around and even posted this message on the HitThatDive comments section just a few weeks ago:

This is the new owner, Bob C. The "baby spice" bartender's name is Tiffany, and she has worked her ass off to follow my new policies and procedures. The 30yr old strung out half tatted doucher's name is Ryan and he is one of the best bartenders in Omaha. These two bartenders needed some guiding and support from a owner, which they now have.I am very proud of the changes they have made and the bar reflects it. I (sic)challange anyone to come in to the New Rusty Nail Pub and see the improvements and not notice the difference. Business has picked up wonderfully and it is all because the old and new staff are working hard to give the best service in town and keep the bar clean. PS we closed the bar for 15 days for a top to bottom cleaning. New bathrooms too.
I had planned to go back, but an always crazy travel schedule (and the start of the NHL playoffs) has really put a damper on my drinking agenda the last two weeks.  In any case, bid adieu to the Rusty Nail Inn, I now need to find a new worst-bar in Omaha.  Any suggestions??

Rusty Nail Inn in happier times


  1. Almost any strip mall, trendy, overpriced, clique type bar would serve well as 'Worst in Omaha'.

  2. Good point! Next stop, the Colosseum "Ultra" Lounge...YUCK!!

  3. me and my friends were just at the rusty nail inn on friday and it was a blast!! the waitresses and owner were great!!

  4. I plan on making a return visit this weekend...hope I have the same experience that you did!

  5. My friends and I were there over the w.e. and had a wonderful time. The servers were friendly, prompt at getting our drinks and the food was really good too. We will be back soon, a great neighborhood bar!!!

  6. I was there Saturday and had great service (for once) I still have a few issues with the place, but it seems to finally be moving in the right direction.