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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Fun...Same Reviews

To add an element of fun/danger...HitThatDive is now calling its shots.  Much like a drunken Babe Ruth pointing out the exact spot of his next home run (whether that's true or not) I will now give a fair warning before I show up at a local gin joint to see if they know how to get regular people hammered...at a regular price. 

So, stay on your toes Omaha bar owners, in the next 72 hours I will be taking a seat these two "fine" drinking establishments..."The O Bar" and "The Cove".  Spit shine your tap shoes, put on your big boy underpants and get ready to serve a mean drink.  Or, give me a reason to do my favorite thing in the world...making fun of a really bad dive bar!

See you this week.

Scuba Steve

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