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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The OBar, Omaha -- REVIEW

I'm in the right place
2640 Bob Boozer Drive
Omaha NE, 68130

For those that don't remember, this location at one time was the Coast Saloon. Then it became the awesome Zogs, and now it's the OBar. And, no matter what it's called, it's still next door to a pre-school. If you never had the chance to stop by Zogs…you missed out. Because the OBar ain't no Zogs (Editors Noe: I never use the word "Ain't but it just seemed to make my point more clearly in this instance).

PROS: Big happy hour beers for $2

CONS: Indifferent Service, Smells Moldy, No Atmosphere Whatsoever, It's Not Zogs

First Impressions: The first thing you notice when you walk in is the smell of mold. OK…maybe not mold per se…but it's pretty damn musty smelling. In fact, that was exactly what I wrote as well for my first impressions of Zogs…and that unfortunately is where the comparisons between the two places end. My mere presence added 20% more customers to the bar (who can do that math?)…so let's say finding a seat was not really all that difficult.

The Bar: It's a bigger place than you would think…but unlike Zogs…it has no personality at all. Nothing on the walls, no neon, nothing promoting their happy hour prices (check that, they had two meager signs in the back of the bar). There are six beers on tap and roughly 25 other bottled beers. The one thing you will notice here is just how barebones the OBar is. The entire bar, including the service, is just there...no more no less. The only difference between drinking in someone's musty basement in Pittsburgh and drinking here is that I had better service in a musty basement in Pittsburgh! (But let's not jump the gun on the "Service" review section just yet)

The Crowd: Two old women drinking beer that left in a Cadillac and two dudes playing Golden Tee. For my own amusement, I was going to pay one of the nerds playing Golden Tee to hit on one of the old broads because I was that bored. Quickly realizing that was a waste of good drinking money, I silently went back to sitting and starring at the back wall.

More boring
Service: Rimshot please. In his defense, the bartender seemed like a fine enough schlep. But here's the problem, even in an empty bar, he seemed pained to want to pour me another beer. This dude was avoiding human contact more than Liberace trying to return a punt against the 1972 Oakland Raiders. Here's a tip…if you don't want to pour beer for people…don't be a bartender! Another beef…bartenders put down your cell phones…are your jackass buddies going to somehow give you a tip over the phone? NO! Wait on the damn customers. To sum up this chap appropriately, as I walked to the front door to leave, he offered me these final words of wisdom…(cricket, cricket) not even a thanks for stopping by!

Price: I can tell you this, a pretty big-ass domestic beer at happy hour was two bucks…that's nothing to sneeze at. That is the best deal they have by far. The other happy hour prices are $2.50 for domestic bottles and a whopping .50 cents off everything else…straight out of the Rusty Nail's playbook of how to have a shitty happy hour. What I'm trying to say is stick with the happy hour beers. Happy hour is 3-7 Monday-Friday. 11-5 on Saturday and all day on Sunday.

Even more boring
Food: None that I saw, and nothing I could smell through the musty OBar aroma.

Entertainment: Ummm…watching paint dry? In defense of the OBar, they do have six TVs, two pool tables, some dart boards, Golden Tee, a South Park pinball machine and drumroll please…a Skee-Ball machine. They also have Big Red Keno and a stage in the back of the room. Not sure what kind of entertainment they have on the stage at this bar, as dull as it is, my guess is they have a "mime night" at some point during the week.

Restrooms: Labeled as "OBoy" and "OLady" they were not that bad. Clean, and oddly enough, smell way better than the rest of the place. In fact, they smell just like Clean Linen Lysol. But unlike Zogs, they had no signs reminding you of the great happy hour drink prices. Oh, maybe that's because they don't really have a great happy hour.

Bartender Chat: I have a job to do, so after I made my attempt to shoot-the-shit with the bartender doing his best Harpo Marx imitation. As Harpo painfully handed me my next beer I said "Thanks!" as a precursor to attempting to engage the dude in conversation. His response to my jovial thank you was a quick "yep" and away he was gone to avoid more customers.

Smells fresh!
How Far Did My $20 Go: Can't bitch too much here, at happy hour you can get yourself 10--20ish ounce domestic draft beers. Of course, by the end of beer three I was ready to fall asleep on the floor, so the right call here is to go with eight beers and save $4 for two cans of Red Bull from the local Kum & Go that you will need to keep your eyes open.

Final Impressions: To compare the OBar to the old Zogs is like saying "Why can't you be like your older brother?" Put some shit on the walls, play some music, force the staff to interact with the customers, and call Thrasher Basement Systems to find out why the place smells like a mold bomb…and THEN you might be onto something. Is this bar as bad as the Rusty Nail? Hell no…it has a better happy hour. But, it's not much better either. The only reason I can see to stop here is to kill time before you pick your kid up from the pre-school next door.

2 (Worst Score of the Year!)

Great place to take a nap


  1. You also forgot to mention in their defense you posted this review the second week after the O Bar opened. It takes time to build a reputation and work out the kinks. Also based on the pictures, its no shocker the bar was not crowded during the day on a Thursday. Only alcoholics are at bars during the day. Lastly, to be fair you should give another review of the O Bar now that the bar has been open for a few months. Last time I went there was at least 50 people and there was live music. If you feel the same way after another review then so be it, your entitled to your opinion.

  2. Fair enough. When's a good night to go?

  3. We loved Zogs! Haven't been there since it closed. Thanks for saving us a trip!

  4. I had the same experience. And I the owners were there. They did seem to care about the customers. The owners in the bar even gave it a worse feeling than the morgue feeling it had. I will never go back.

  5. This place is great. Ya there is a smell and like most peoples house you get use to it. Zogs blew ass and the owner was a jack ass. Plenty of people during the day...great prices. Poker on sundays and every ufc ppv. You want music put money in the jukebox and play some. High def tv's and the staff is always willing to channge a channel or turn it up or down. So nerd boy reviewer sounds like a disgruntled ex employee. ..or friend of one. Live close by...feel free for a beer or drink and have fun. As far.as the daycare comment...its been there since I lived in this area of town for 13 years. Cant make your neighbors. .mayb next time mention the Asia massage place right there also and ask for the happy ending.

  6. There's an Asian massage place next door?? Now you're talking!

  7. You should try The Obar again. It has changed a lot since it opened. All UFC fights are no cover! And lots more!

  8. Yes please try to come back....lots of change and no musty smell....that zogs didn't fix...just to be fair.