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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What The?? Elbow Room, Omaha -- One Year Later

For some odd reason, the HitThatDive review of the Elbow Room from last July is getting a shit-ton of hits.  Anybody have any idea why?  Not a complaint...just curious.


  1. Where's the referring traffic coming from?

  2. Just from Facebook. But it had to have been posted in several places. Several hundred reads of a year-old blog post are pretty rare...for me anyway!

  3. I found out because someone I know, that goes there frequently, posted it on Facebook as a kudos to Ben. And since we're all very proud of the Elbow Room and our bartenders, we all had to spread the word! Thanks for the great review! Hope you can stop in again!

  4. AWESOME!! Ben is one of the best bartenders in Omaha...and the Elbow Room is one of my favorite bars in the area. I have been meaning to stop in again...now I have a reason.

  5. Thank you for the kind words you spoke about me in your review! Wednesday's 3-7p.m. are my hours this month. Swing in and enjoy a cold one.


  6. I will see you one of these Wednesdays in August!

  7. I used to really enjoy Elbow Room...until my birthday. My friends from back home were in town from Indiana, so we hit up the place to celebrate. Cash literally in hand, birthday drink orders being placed left and right...we were denied. Out-of-state patrons are literally not welcome there, even with driver's licenses (not just state IDs). We took our money down the street to the far superior O'Leaver's, had a ball all night, and made it rain. This was a year and a half ago, and I have not been back to the spiteful Elbow Room since, despite previously patronizing it almost weekly.

  8. P.S.
    Why is this Omaha website on Pacific time?

  9. It is?

    Several reasons why it might be on Pacific Time.

    1. I'm drunk
    2. I travel too much
    3. I was overserved (see number 1)
    4. I was trying to lie to Mrs. HitThatDive
    5. I'm not all that bright
    6. All of the above