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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hitting That Dive with -- Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth

Food was a must!
It can be a surreal life indeed.  I was not in the best of moods because I had to spend a few nights in Columbus, Ohio for the second time in a few weeks.  As I get on the elevator in my hotel du jour, I look up and swear to God that the dude getting on with me is Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth

Just to make small talk I ask "Where's your gig tonight?"  As it turns out, it IS Steve Harwell and he already played a gig at Ohio State University.   Oddly enough he and he and tour manager Scotty Haulter had a question for me, "where is there a good place to eat and have 'several" drinks'.  That's easy...The Jury Room!  In one of the coolest moves ever, Steve said "meet us in the lobby in  five minutes."

I assumed they were just joking, 'casue I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, but sure enough they were down there before I was.  After getting to the The Jury Room (A place that I have to review one of these days because it's awesome) we spent the next few hours doing the following things (this list is in no particular order).

    Guess the NON rock star
  • Drank the bar out of top shelf tequila
  • Offended a bartender
  • Ate like kings
  • Talked (in depth) about sports and music
  • Drank some more
  • Rated women
  • Did not use our finger or thumb in the shape of an L on any one's forehead
  • Offended several patrons (that one I can't prove...but I know it happened)
  • Did I say drink yet?
  • And best of all, did not need to use the two bail bond offices that are next to the bar!
That was a long way to go to simply say it was a great HitThatDive night.  Thanks to Steve and Scotty for letting me hang out for the evening...they are two of the coolest guys I have ever thrown back a bunch of shots with! 

Thanks Steve and Scotty...it was fun!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hitting That Dive with -- Keith Stone

This just in from HitThatDive collaborators/enablers Bobby and Cindy LaVella.  Apparently they spent a fun-filled night pounding drinks with no other than Keystone Light's "Keith Stone"...in the Keystone State no less! 

One warning for "Mr. Stone"... I've seen Bobby LaVella kill an entire bottle of Jack on Christmas night...without flinching.  Make sure you brought your "A Game" Keith. 

For those that don't know Bobby and Cindy, they are part of the hottest all female Pittsburgh sports site on the planet, The Black N Gold Girls!  Don't take my word for it...41,000 female Pittsburgh sports fans can't be wrong.  Thanks guys...now go drink Kieth Stone under the table!

Look  out "Keith Stone" a Black N Gold Girl can drink your ass under the table!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers Bars, Omaha -- HERE WE GO!

Buy that man an Iron City!

For nearly a decade, I paid a ton of money to DirecTV so I never had to miss a Steelers game.  But last year I thought to myself, why I am giving my hard-earned drinking money to that idiot Roger Goodell and the NFL for the "privilege" of watching football...when I could find a bar and put my money back into the local economy? Plus, I was looking for a reason to go bar hopping at noon on Sundays. 

So far, these are the best bars I've found around Omaha to watch games with other fans of the Black and Gold.  Keep in mind that the bars on this list are actual "Steelers Bars" and not just a sports bar with annoying fans of other NFL teams watching a bunch of games at the same time.

Are there any bars in the Omaha-area I missing...let me know.  I'd love to check those out too!

Dog House Saloon -- This place has everything you need including a great deck, great staff, fun owners, friendly people, reasonable drink prices…I could go on and on.  Owners Dog and Jodi always have a good time planned for Steelers games. Hell, they have a good time planned for every day of the week!

E'Z Place -- This place is run by a big time Pittsburgh fan. The tidy bar seats about 12 people and there are 15 table in a restaurant area to the right side of the bar. And, true to their word, there is a good amount of Steelers things on the wall, including the mandatory "You're in Steelers Country" banner behind the jukebox. Nice!

Moments after Troy Polamalu picked off Joe Flacco to seal the 2009 AFC Championship Game