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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hitting That Dive with -- Keith Stone

This just in from HitThatDive collaborators/enablers Bobby and Cindy LaVella.  Apparently they spent a fun-filled night pounding drinks with no other than Keystone Light's "Keith Stone"...in the Keystone State no less! 

One warning for "Mr. Stone"... I've seen Bobby LaVella kill an entire bottle of Jack on Christmas night...without flinching.  Make sure you brought your "A Game" Keith. 

For those that don't know Bobby and Cindy, they are part of the hottest all female Pittsburgh sports site on the planet, The Black N Gold Girls!  Don't take my word for it...41,000 female Pittsburgh sports fans can't be wrong.  Thanks guys...now go drink Kieth Stone under the table!

Look  out "Keith Stone" a Black N Gold Girl can drink your ass under the table!

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