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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fox and Hound, Omaha (West) -- RANT/REVIEW

Your waitress will be with you...NEVER!
17602 Wright Street
Omaha, NE
(402) 334-3133

Football fans...if you want to sit in a completely empty bar and not be waited on while you watch your favorite teams. Have I got the place for you!!!

Beer and Pittsburgh Steelers football at a "sports" bar, what can go wrong?  Well, actually there is one thing that did go wrong, after nearly an hour of sitting at a table (the only sound for the game was not on in the bar area, or I naturally would have been there) the "waitress" (and I use that term loosely) never even acknowledged that I was sitting in her area...maybe waiting tables ain't your bag, babe. 

Oh sure, she waited on the other four people that were sitting in a room that was big enough to hold at least a 100 people. And, I was even seated at a table directly next to them.  She had to have known I was there because she even bumped into me as she brought them a few drinks, AND she had time to sweep the area around where I was sitting.  The one and only beer I had for 30 minutes of football (a new record low...for me by the way) was the one that I ended up walking to the completely empty bar and getting myself...naturally I gave myself a great tip (plant your corn in May).

There she is not waiting on me!
On my way out the door at halftime, I saw a person that I assumed was a manager.  I let her know, in a nice way (keep in mind that I wasn't even remotely close to a buzz) that after an hour of sitting in her restaurant...I was still waiting for service.  It's at this point where a good manager would have found a way to slide me a $25 gift card...or at least a free beer.  Safe to say I got neither. 

Could I have done something to get her attention, I guess so?  But I have one pretty standard rule...it's not my job to inform you that I want a drink (or food) when I am sitting at a table in your restaurant...that's what you get paid for.  Don't take a job as a waitress if you don't want to wait on people.  Good lord...the word WAIT is even in your job title!  Let's just say I do not recommend this faux-themed English Pub/"sports" bar even if it were the last place on Earth!  OK...now I'm stretching it a bit...but I won't be back either. 

Not enough to give them a number...so they get the first-ever giant F.U.

Hey Fox and Hound...F.U.!!

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  1. I have sat at the bar there a few times and received decent service from the bartenders, but I can't comment on the table service. It's a bit corporate for a dive review, what were you thinking you were going to get? Applebee's next week? LOL!

  2. Clearly not a dive. It's listed as a "Steelers bar" in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and I was in a bit of a pinch for time...and it's not all that far from where I live. I would have never ended up there if the always incompetent Draft House would have just turned on the game when it started...as the bartender told me she would do. After I missed the Steelers first touchdown I got pissed and went with my "Plan B". Maybe I just need to stop being so cheap and get the NFL Sunday Ticket again!

  3. Nah, just ditch the Steelers...

  4. Better yet...I should see if they have the Sunday Ticket at the local TGI Fridays and change the name of the website to HitThatCorporateQuasiSportsKindofBar.com