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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Drunk of the Week -- CONTEST

Thanks to part-time contributor to HitThatDive, the always shady Jonny Wad, we happened into this dude after going to every dive bar in Whitefish, Montana one night.  What we learned is that when you find a drunken Canadian walking down the street with no shirt on...you should do two things.  Lend him an undershirt...and buy him some beers!  Sorry Dallas, in most cases you would have just won your own HitThatDive shirt, but since I literally gave the shirt off my back in the middle of the street...that's the only one your getting from me.

Have a picture of someone hammered in public...just send it to HitThatDive and maybe (just maybe) you can win your very own HitThatDive t-shirt.  Grab a shirt...don't cost nothin'...

Drunk of the week...some dude named Dallas

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