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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome "Binge-Drinking" Ben -- NEW EMPLOYEE

HitThatDive is proud to announce the hiring of our first bar reviewer not named Scuba Steve.  We have decided to hire “Binge-drinking” Ben C. after his extensive interview yesterday with HTD Director of Strategy/Mayor of South Omaha/Most Handsome Man in America…John John.  (John John is pictured below with Binge-Drinking Ben whose face has been blurred out so no douchy bar owners know who he is after he writes a really bad review of their place).

Let the interview begin.

HitThatDive was particularly impressed by Ben’s qualifications listed in his cover letter:  

“As a lifelong resident of Omaha and devout connoisseur of all things beer and bar related, I believe I would be an excellent addition to the Hit That Dive review team.  Very few among us enjoy and appreciate dive bars as much as this applicant and my lack of anything to show for my 15 years in the workforce proves it.  My resume boasts years of experience drowning sorrows in dark bars and shady pubs throughout the metro and all around eastern Nebraska.  I have an intimate knowledge of some of the most obscure of watering holes, from downtown to the far west and everything in between.”

Welcome to the team Binge-drinking Ben!  And always remember, as an employee of HitThatDive…showing up hung-over at work not only is tolerated…it’s encouraged!

Want to join our expanding team of wino-reviewers?  Send your resume to hitthatdive@gmail.com.  And maybe, just maybe, you can become an employee of Forbes magazine’s “500 Least Admired Companies to Work For”.

The Most Handsome Man in America.

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