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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wet Lounge -- IDENITY CRISIS

First off, a big thanks to the dude who stuck this flyer in my door today royally pissing off my dog….there's a special place in hell for you.

But, be that as it may, the Wet Lounge holds a certain place in the heart of HitThatDive because it was the first place to ever be reviewed by our site. Read-It-Here.

As the piece of paper that was stuck in my door states, among many other things, West Omaha’s Wet Lounge is a place to “Slip away from the normal and come treat yourself to a relaxing cocktail at Wet Lounge”. They even follow good marketing practices by adding their website, www.wetomaha.com (yuck) at the bottom of their a-little-too-wordy literature.

So, I check out the website and here’s what it says… “West Omaha's best Nightspot with bass thumping this club gets jumping. Dress to impress, the nightlife is live. Great sound and lighing (sic) system plus tons of seating even for large groups.Top 40 straigh (sic) and remixed along with hip hop and upbeat dance tracks will have you dancing the night away.” That is relaxing how??

That has ALWAYS been my beef with this place…are you relaxing lounge or are you an annoying club? Pick one and stick with it! Please. For those that want a relaxing lounge…we don’t want the “bass thumping”. And we NEVER “dress to impress”. And for those like a place where the “club gets jumping”, I don’t think they want a “comfortable and welcoming lounge…” where they can play “Jenga” and “ping pong”.

Please, pick a target audience and stick with it. When I walk into Hooter’s I don’t want to flip a coin to determine if the chicks are going to be in tacky orange shorts or if they are going to be wearing Laura Ashley tweed skirts. So, why do I have to do that with the persona of your bar?  Mind you, this is all advice of the take-it-or-leave-it variety.

Now…stop pissing off my dog.

A "bass thumping" place to "relax'?  Go it.

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