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Friday, May 4, 2012

HitThatDive -- IN THE NEWS!

A big thanks to Cara Pesek of the Omaha World-Herald for tagging along/putting up with the "Stumblers" during last week's second annual Spring Stumble.  And more importantly, thanks for not writing anything incriminating!

 "The stumblers were a blend of blog readers, the owners of one of Steve's favorite bars, the Brass Monkey, some Brass Monkey regulars and the other anonymous Hit This Dive reviewer, a tattooed accountant who reviews under the name Binge-Drinking Ben."
You can read the rest of the article here...Spring Stumble rolls into Millard "dive" bars.  Keep checking this site for information regarding the first-ever SUMMER Stumble!

Some of the "Stumblers".


  1. Just wanted to thank all of the Spring Crawlers for visiting the Millard bars this year. Our customers enjoyed your company and we appreciated the business. Hope everyone had a good time. We enjoyed reading Cara Pesek's article in the Omaha World Herald. Thanks to Cara.
    Blind Dave's Bar

  2. Thanks Blind Dave's! Everyone had a great time in Millard...the perfect area for a bar crawl. Cara is a brave woman for tagging along with us as long as she did. Hope to be back to Blind Dave's soon!