Jukebox Skipping

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Isn't It Finally About Time for New Halloween Music?

ENOUGH of the Monster Mash.  This song should be included on every dive bar jukebox...well...in dives that still have real jukeboxes, and not those Internet-connected iPads that hang on the wall.


  1. Back in Halloween 2012, I used monster mashes for the Halloween raves. A combination of acid remix and monster cuts. Here it: juke box hire blog.

  2. Darnell...you can DJ any party I ever have...good stuff!

  3. I remember one hippie told me when i was eating at a sidewalk vendor's stall one night that he told me "you only really need three things to make a great experience: A place for everyone to meet, Drinks to keep everyone there, and the atmosphere to keep everyone happy." I never saw him again after that but after i told my friends about it they stopped comparing pubs around the city. It was a great relief too because their arguments get heated and messy. They keep telling me to go out there and find one of the many great bars in east london. Time to stop watching the telly then.