Jukebox Skipping

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Who knew that people were looking for HitThatDive gear? Yeah...kind of shocked me too.  Well, now here's your chance to be the coolest-looking, over-served chick in every gin joint in town!  Ladies seem to be more picky than their drunken counterparts (Michelle Miller, I'm looking your way) SO...if you have a t-shirt size preference...speak up by Friday.  Or, get stuck with whatever the hell I end up ordering.

Price will be in the $17-20 range.  And guys, don't forget, HitThatDive ladies t-shirts make the perfect anniversary present if you haven't been all that thrilled with the old lady in the last few years in the first place!

Become Dive Bar "Certified"
I hope she indeed does have a head


  1. This t-shirt is surely very nice and with such price is a must buy, i will check if it is still available to purchase, will gift this to my lady, she will definitely like it.

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