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Friday, March 8, 2013

Aussie's Pub, Omaha -- REVIEW

Begin bad Austrailian accent now.
2326 N 72nd St
Omaha, NE 68134
(402) 391-1076

G'Day Mate! The good news of late is that I never seem to have a lack of bars suggested by people to go check out when I have some free time.  The bad news is that I can never seem to narrow down which place to check out next.  As it turns out, it seems like the best way for me to get off my lazy ass and check out a bar is "remind" me via Facebook several times..much like Nicole Rupe did with her favorite watering hole...Aussie's Pub. Checking with wingman Speck to see if he was up for a little day drinking on a Saturday, I had him pick me up and off we went.

PROS:  Great place to shoot pool or play darts. Cute bartender. Plenty of room.
CONS: Deceptively smelly men's room. Asked if we were "the Fuzz".

First Impressions:  There are quite a few things to take note of when you walk through the front door; several Australia-themed items (Including some AC-DC stuff), a ton of NASCAR memorabilia, and an honest-to-goodness fish tank behind the bar.  It's much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside and sitting down at the bar I didn't really pick up on any sort of "vibe" (positive or negative) one way or the other.  Fine with me, just seems a bit ho-hum at first.  Not a bad thing, just an impression.

Mini Pitchers
The Bar:  It's a pretty long bar, but only has roughly 10 seats so it looks like you'll never get too cramped while watching the fish as they swim next to the beer cooler.  They have five beers on tap including Foster's (which might not be one of their better sellers because it seemed a bit stale), a ton of tables throughout the two-room NASCAR adorned bar, and even a Dale, Jr. Bud hood prominently hung from the wall. The bar-area itself looked like it could have used just a bit of sprucing-up, but a fine enough place to have a few beers.  The rest of the space was clean and orderly looking.  Of note, there are two goblins hanging in both corners behind the bar, why they are there I can only guess?

The Crowd:  Fine enough collection of good old boy regulars.  Not the most outgoing crowd, but not too afraid to start telling dick jokes to the cute bartender either.  For the first time in a while, it was easy to tell that Speck and I were not going to really fit in at all.  In particular, I noticed a dude five bar stools down from me that could not stop looking my way and thinking to himslef that I was up to something "shady".  Come on dude, don't two strangers walk into your regular bar and start snapping pictures with an IPhone everyday of the week?  It got so bad that this budding Dick Tracy pretended to play Keno for the sole purpose of walking up to me and asking, and I quote, "Are you the Fuzz?"  A thumbs up ole Elliott Ness for just knowing something didn't seem right and doing something about it.

Race Fans!
Service:  Fine enough, but you won't hear any complaints from me.  Our dive bar-appropriate cute bartender was a good sport about all the dick jokes being directed her way and even played some pretty decent stuff on the jukebox.  She was kind enough to ask if we wanted some plastic cups to go with our mini pitchers. As it turns out, answering yes to that trick question makes you look even more suspicious to the already leery regulars   Note to self...if and when there ever is a HitThatDive calendar...our bartender from Aussie's can be Miss March.

Prices:  A mini-pitcher (plastic cup included) was setting us back $4 a pop.  I guess that's an OK price, but the whole mini-pitcher thing is always a bit strange to me. If most people just drink out of the things, why not just switch to a big ass 32 ounce mug?  In any case, it looks like they do have specials here on occasion like Jack drinks for $3.50.  Check the walls for other specials including Red Bull drinks for $4.75, Blue Moon and the always popular PBR Tall Boys!

Great for pool and darts
Food:  To the left side of the fish tank is the usual wall of assorted nondescript chips and that sort of thing.  Who knows, play your cards right on a Friday during lent, and I bet you can get a good price on fresh sushi straight from the tank.

Entertainment:  Here's where I think Aussie's really is set up for.  Two pool tables, including real pool sharks showing up with their own cues, and an entire back wall of dart boards...with plenty of room to throw for once!  As far as I could count there are five TV's, a brand new Internet jukebox, and plenty of room to shake your moneymaker on the nights that have a band in the joint.  There were a few other games scattered around the place too including a lonely pinball machine tucked away in a corner all by itself.  Safe to say this is a perfect set up if you aren't the type that just likes to remain glued to your bar stool.

Bartender Chat:  Nothing of note here.  The typical pleasant small talk, not standoffish in any way, and like I mentioned, she was not shy mixing it up with the good old boy regulars when the dick jokes were getting slung around the bar a mile a minute.  Q: What do you call a woman who loves small dicks? A: Hopefully your girlfriend.

Hold your nose and aim
Restroom:  Speck did the initial fly-by and came back with an interesting report.  He said they look nice until you get in there and then you're overwhelmed by quite the stench and a lonely fruit fly buzzing the urinal.  As it turns out, he was completely right.  My advise...leave your drink on the bar so you have one hand to aim and the other to hold your nose.

How Far Did My $20 Go?:  Five mini-pitchers isn't a horrible option.  Again, nothing outstanding about the bang for your buck, but you can do way worse in other parts of town.

Final Impressions:  This is a tough one.  Aussie's has just about everything you would want in a bar to hang out in for an afternoon and evening but somehow I just wasn't feeling it...that's not a knock on the bar necessarily.  Other than the smell in the men's room, I'm not sure there was anything that I didn't like here. Speck gave the place a 6.5 out of 10.  For our afternoon there, I would say he's right...but I just have this feeling we caught them on an off day.  We both agreed that this place is Omaha Dive Bar Certified...but I'm going with a number just slightly higher than wingman Speck.  In talking with a few a my Omaha bar insiders, they really like the place so that tells me even more that maybe I was just there at the wrong time.   In any event, thanks for the tip Nicole!

Freshest sushi in town


  1. How far did my $20 bucks go? 5 mini pitchers @ $4.00
    What no tip=Cheap

  2. Tips are part of a separate budget.

  3. Much better in the evenings. Lots of fun people. You should go again on a Fri or Sat nite and re-evaluate. Ladies room is fine, not sure why the mens room is so bad.

  4. First I want to say that this Bar has the nicest owners, who are also Bartenders! And I have loved the Aussie accent since I first walked in the place!! I have had the best times and some of my worst times there, but most important is that I always enjoy being there!!! Thanks to Eric and Chris for always giving us a great place to be!!!!

  5. None that came out very good. It will be my reason for a return trip.

  6. Any new thoughts after last night?

    1. Funny you should ask. Yes! I was going to add my update later today. Stay tuned.

  7. Well you could have just asked me for a pic! :) I suppose that would have blown your cover, though. We now have a printed list of hundreds of dick jokes - the supply is endless.

    1. Hundreds of dick jokes? When do you work next??????? I'm coming back!