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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buffalo Company -- Omaha Wing Challenge

4725 S. 96th Street
Not very inviting

Omaha, NE 68127
402 592-9999

A few weeks ago, the Omaha World Herald assembled a few people to taste test wings places around town to determine which one served the best in Omaha.  Hey, wait?  Didn't HitThatDive already do that a few weeks before the OWH article?  Why, yes...yes we did.  

After reading the entire long, and slightly confusing article, I walked away with two thoughts.  1) Come on Sarah Baker Hansen, would a brief "shout-out" to the number one wing review site in town really have killed you? (Google: Best wings in Omaha and see what comes up first).  And, 2) if I read the piece correctly, are the wings at a place called the Buffalo Company really the best in Omaha, as I think the article finally eluded to?  Well then, for the first time in my life I am going to heed the advice of a fine dining and occasional fashion reporter and make a trip to try "Omaha's Best Buffalo Wings".  

30 minutes in the making!
First Impressions:  This usually begins once the wings show up at the table, but since that took 30 minutes in a completely empty restaurant to get my order of 10 wings (on wing night no less) I was able to make a few other observations.  One word Buffalo Company: VACUUM.  This modern invention would really do wonders for the disgusting carpets in your place...this coming from a guy that hangs out in dive bars so I know gross when I see it.   

Just wondering out loud here, but if the dining area looks like a rodent's wet dream...what does the kitchen look like?  If you indeed sell beer like your website says, you might want to make that obvious to your customers by you know, having it visible OR having a sign that says we sell beer.  I just saw that on your website now.  After sitting for half an hour in place that seemed intent on either making me sad, or pissing me off, a fine young lad toted my order out from the kitchen.  No celery. No blue cheese.  No extra plate for the bones.  Three words came to mind WTF!

Score: 0!

No sauce
Sauce:  This is supposed to be "authentic" buffalo wing sauce...it most definitely is not.  I ordered the hot sauce and it was sort of OK at first, but then started giving off some sort of mutant vinegar taste and smell.  Not horrible necessarily, but nothing I want to ever have to ingest again.  And, by the time I got to the second layer of wings on the bottom of the basket they were SWIMMING in what looked to be some kind of buffalo wing primeval ooze.  Not only that, while the poor wings at the bottom were forced to soak up the saucy-greasy-yucky puddle at the bottom of the basket, a few lucky wings were never even tossed in the "sauce" before they came out of the kitchen.  Looked like they went from the fryer, to a bucket with way too much sauce dumped on them then flopped into a basket.  Hell, you already took 30 minutes to make them, why not take the extra 25 seconds to coat them the right way? 

Score: 2

Crispy:  No doubt that they were crispy, but they were somehow oddly crispy.  Someone on a HTD Facebook post wrote that the wings here reminded them of beef jerky...I though they had more of a pork rind crunch going on.  The few that were spared from the sauce were on the chewy side, but most definitely not under cooked.   Not sure what else to say on this one.  I know, I'll say something positive...they were not under cooked!  Nicely done Buffalo Company. 

Score: 7

Coated in grease
Size:  They are big and meaty wings, can't argue that one either.  But, a few bordered on wings so big the chickens must have been raised in or around Chernobyl because there were some mutants in the bunch. For those that like giant wings in a bizarre soupy sauce while sitting in a dirty restaurant...I have found your place!

Score: 7

Extras:  No celery.  No blue cheese. No extra plate.  And those are just for starters.  This place is horribly over-priced for what it is, and serves arguably the messiest, most sloppy wings I have even eaten.  I went to take a picture of one wing, and was disgusted by just how much grease soaked through the paper towel in less than 30 seconds (and I am not easily grossed out).  I lost count of how many paper towels I needed just to try and keep my hands relatively "authentic buffalo sauce" free.  Even my cell phone received collateral damage from the grease that dripped off of one wing as I was trying to shove it into my mouth before it potentially dripped all over my pants. 

Score: 0

Final Thoughts: For the first time in a LONG time, I didn't even finish my order of 10 wings and happily dumped them where they belonged...in the garbage.  Five hours after eating there and I was still belching up the remnants of the Buffalo Company wings as I watched the Pittsburgh Penguins get slaughtered by the New York Rangers which only compounded the misery of my evening. Clearly this is the last time I take advise on where to eat wings that isn't from a fat guy!

Final Score: 16 out of a possible 50.  16???  The previous low score was 34 at Tanner's. 

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Waiter there's a wing in my soup


  1. You HAVE to (let me repeat...HAVE to) try wings at The Good Life. My fiance and I have tried literally every place in town and The Good Life is hands down the best. Forget Pheasant, Choo Choo, Oscars....The Good Life is where it's at!

  2. Wow, I guess I have poor taste in wings as these are my favorite wings. Wednesday nights are cheap wing nights and that's apparently why you get no ranch or blue cheese and celery. I never quite understood those being left out either. I love the crispy wing and like the vinegary sauce. I'm happy they are open again as they have the best steak sub ever.