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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Few Rounds With -- GARVEY'S PUB

153 Main Street
Springfield NE 68059
402 253-8600

HitThatDive stopped by the new Garvey's Pub, formally the Dew Drop Inn, in Springfield to ask first-time bar owner Garvey his impressions of owning a bar, his cure for hangovers and what are the chances he would give me a free beer on the house?

HTD: Do you even have a first name?
LG: Yeah.  Larry.  Larry Garvey.

HTD: Why a Bar in Springfield?
LG: I stumbled upon this Springfield location and immediately just fell in love with A) the opportunity of have a business on Main Street, and then B) a bar because I'm third generation at this so it comes naturally to me. And, the size of this bar was the deciding factor for me because this is a bar I can handle all day everyday by myself.

HTD: Which kind of leads to my next question, how long have you been in the bar business?
LG: So, this is the first bar I’ve owned.  But, both grandfathers, an uncle myself have all owned bars now…so I’ve been around this since I was a kid.  It’s what I know.

HTD: Next question…is this place haunted?
LG: No.  Not at all. 

HTD: I’ve heard rumors of the sort.
LG: I think in most bars, pubs taverns, tales become exaggerated when alcohol is involved.

HTD:  HAHAHA…I’m unfamiliar with that!
LG: Every sound, movement noise I’ve heard in here I can turn around and say oh that’s where that sound came from.

HTD: OK…favorite drink?
LG:  Oh, ice cold beer.  Has to be ice cold.  Looking for 33 degrees or below but yeah…an ice cold bottle of beer.

HTD:  So before I ever walked in here, had you ever even heard of Hit That Dive?
LG: Yes.  From Addy’s .  As far back as the old Addy’s location. 

HTD:  All right, favorite bar not named Garvey’s?
LG: Addy’s Bar and Grill

HTD: Tim would kill if you said anything else, wouldn’t he? I figured that’d be putting you on the spot. 

LG: That’s where I hang out when I’m not here. That’s where I get to go unwind and be me, yeah.

HTD: This question you already answerd for me before I had to ask it…what are the odds I can have a free beer right now?  (As I am drinking an ice cold free beer from Garvey)
LG: 100%  I think it’s fair trade…barter.

HTD: Fair enough!

HTD:  OK…best part about owning a bar?
LG: Succeed or fail…everything you do is ultimately your decision.  SO, um…if I reap the benefits financially from this I have something to be very proud of.   If I fail, again, I have one person to look in the mirror at and say it was nobody else’s fault but mine. 

HTD:  Is that good pressure or bad pressure?
LG: Ummm…I think it’s pressure that keeps you moving forward.  Yeah…I mean that’s it in a nutshell, I make the decisions and I don’t have to wait.  I came from the corporate world so I don’t
have to rely  on input from a team, another source of management, outside forces. 

HTD: How is your day ultimately better or worse not being in a corporate world?
LG: About the same amount of hours.  I benefit financially myself from every minute I’m working here, I know it’s going towards me.  Not towards someone else.  In building my name, and I consider this location number one, the more hours I put in, I’m getting closer to Garvey’s Pub number two and so on down the road. 

HTD: OK…so what’s the worst part about owning a bar?
LG: You know, knock on wood, everybody I think would tell you working with the drunk people.  But, I’ve had really good luck so far.  I think a lot can be handled with a conversation as opposed to force.  Deling with drunk people, it’s not easy, but it’s part of the territory so you know what you’re getting into with this. 

HTD: Does that happen often?  (Editor’s note DUH!!!)
LG: No.  Like I said knock on wood it’s been pretty good.  I like to talk to people.  I like to form a
relationship with them.  So if I need to have that conversation, we have that relationship and there is respect there.

HTD: A couple of word associations.  I’m going to throw and a word or name or something and you throw out your first opinion.

HTD: Sidney Crosby?
LG: Nemesis   I’m a Blackhaws fan I used to have season tickets.  I couldn’t be happier that they won the Cup this year.

LG: Coming back.

HTD: Weirdly, it’s a hipster thing now and the prices are going up.

HTD: Chicago Cubs?
LG: My heart and soul.  I’m going to die a Cub fan.

HTD: Come on…will they ever win the World Series again?
LG: I hope they do.  Loveable losers.  I don’t know how everybody in the world ISN’T a Cub fan because everybody can beat them. 

HTD: Hangovers?
LG: Two Gatorades.  A Banana and two Alieve. 

HTD: Omaha?
LG: Don’t tell anybody it’s here because our secret will get out. 

HTD: Last call.  Why should somebody hop in the car or have a buddy drive them down to Springfield to go drinking on a Friday night?
LG: It’s still the small town-feel bar where you want to go, and I classify it as a dive bar…that’s the places I like to hang out so I’m not offended by that.  Ultimaley it’s a small town bar with all the updates that you would not expect in a place like this.

Check out a video from Garvey's Pub right here!


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