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Monday, July 29, 2013


Here's your chance to win one of four cases of Pennsylvania's own Yuengling beer.  As you may (or may not know), I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, which was a great place to be raised. HOWEVER not a great place to visit when you now live in Nebraska and Mrs. HitThatDive wants to make the 2,000 round-trip to visit family.

So, I figured, why not make a HitThatDive contest out of the whole thing...My Pain Is Your Gain, definitely will be your gain. Here's the deal...

Take a picture and have the words Hit That Dive somewhere in it.  It can be handwritten, on a shirt, written in Sharpie on your passed-out buddies face, made with old beer cans, even a short video...basically anything you want...as long as the words HIT THAT DIVE are clearly visible in your submission.

Then, share it on the HitThatDive Facebook Timeline and tag yourself in it.  It's that simple.  If you're picture is judged to be on of the top 4 creative/original photos, by the lowlife degenerates here at HitThatDive...you will win yourself an entire case of Yuengling that I am bootlegging back from PA on Sunday.

Start sharing your pics anytime you want starting now...but the cut-off is Sunday when I cross the Nebraska/Iowa line sometime on Sunday night...I will keep you posted on that one.

No limit to how many times you send in a submission.  If you're out of town and win, you pay the freight to get it shipped to your house...I did the hard part for you!  Here are a few examples to get you started.  Good luck!

Taken today in Pennsylvania

Already sent in by the G-MAN!

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