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Friday, October 4, 2013

HitThatDive is Bringing Happy Hour to Your Bar!

Bar owners and regulars...here's your chance for HitThatDive, with the help of New Belgium Brewing, to bring a free happy hour to your bar on November 1st, 2013 between 5-7!

As you may, or may not know, HTD is one of the sponsors of the Super Cruiser Ride that takes place on October 19th.

What's the Super Cruiser Ride you ask? 

Well it's a superhero-themed non-competitive bicycle ride (with beer) that will visit bars throughout Midtown Omaha as a way to raise money for Make-A-Wish Nebraska.  Look...any chance you get to drink beer and help Make-A-Wish you do it...no questions asked! Winning the happy hour at your bar is easy as this...

First...round-up everyone that hangs out in your bar and knows how to ride a bike. Then...register your team by clicking on this link.  Finally...get ready to have fun on the 19th!  

The bar with the most registered participants on the day of the race wins a happy hour of free New Belgium Beer...and so much more, including:

1. Hosted by Jim Siedlecki of WOWT, we will present your bar with a snappy-looking plaque to hang on the walls right next to your happy hour signs.

2. It's a HitThatDive event, so OF COURSE we will be giving out tons of prizes.

3. We're even bringing DJ the G-MAN from Technical Hype to liven the joint up.

4. If free beer isn't enough, promotional models will there to hand out a free liquor samples.

5. Plus, stuff I haven't even thought of yet...it is still a month away.

It's a non-Husker football weekend...so you have NO excuses not to participate.  Please consider registering to have a fun afternoon of bicycle riding and beer while at the same time...helping to grant the wish of local child.  Bring the most people...and we will party in your bar on the 1st!!

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