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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bar Rescue in Omaha Final Recap -- PART 2

In the now ongoing saga that is/was Bar Rescue in Omaha, we bring you our update on the first Omaha bar in the Taffer shooting gallery.  For those that don't remember, this is the one that got HTD in "hot water" with skinny jeans-wearing PR types in California...but more notably...this is the scene of our first interaction with Guy Incognito.

Since I wasn't at any of the Bar Rescue "events", I will let Guy give you the 411...

Guy Incognito Reporting...

I only kinda followed this bar's rescue, showing up for only the grand reopening. As a fan of the show, I originally just wanted to participate. When I got there, everything was dead quiet, and it felt like I had stumbled upon a homicide crime scene, where no one was talking and everyone was to stay away. It was clear security was in place and there was some sort of production going on, but the only people visible were security folks scattered around the parking lot.

What took place over the next few hours were complete frustration, and I started informing Scuba Steve about what was going on from my location. When Taffer finally appeared in what was an absolutely long and drawn-out process to line up the O'Banion's staff with their backs turned toward the new sign, I witnessed the first murder of my reality TV notions: multiple takes of the reveal!

Then they did two takes of the staff excitedly running up to the door like they were going to rush inside. The first time they did it, though, the owner ran up to the door like he was going to open it with the staff running behind him, but he never did. They all paused at the producers' request and then turned around and regrouped in a spot away from the door to do the approach again, but this time for real. Huh?

The shooting schedule was asinine. A moment that lasts 3 minutes in the show took about an hour to film. And that might be conservative. If this is supposed to uninhibited reality, why should it take that long to capture these moments if you could simply have cameras set up to get this in one fluid shot? You'd think they would want this to look as genuine as possible and capture raw emotions.

This was also my first brush with the incompetent security. Early on, I heard 9:30 would likely be opening time, but I foolishly stuck around thinking maybe that would be accurate. I was so wrong when they didn't admit anyone until around 11 p.m., and they hardly even took anyone from the crowd that had been waiting all night, basically giving these fans the middle finger as their "thank you" for sticking it out.

Does anyone honestly think that O'Banion's will remain Sorties Tavern? Granted, the more I've said/typed it, the more it has grown on me, but it's still not an ideal name from using an obscure military term. I don't doubt Taffer's noble effort will be to lure the local military personnel to this place for drinks, but do they really need a Disneyland vision of the Air Force to bring these people in?

I don't know, maybe it will, but what ever happened to just having a well-managed bar in close proximity to the base? These people don't care if you're just a cookie-cutter Irish dive bar. If you serve beer, they will come.

NOTE:  A full recap of Oasis Hookah Bar tomorrow...leading up to our blow-by-blow reporting of the brawl at the OFace Bar on Friday.

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