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Monday, November 11, 2013

Haunted Hangover 2013 -- DETAILS

Let's drink some Beam!
First off, thank you to everyone that is going on this first-ever haunted bar adventure. The idea started blandly enough in July when I posted a simple question on Facebook which basically asked, "Does anyone know of any supposed haunted bars in Omaha?"  To say I was overwhelmed with the response is an understatement. But then, as usual, I pondered "How do I turn this new-found information into a way to have a few beers on a Sunday afternoon?"

I've got it!  Let's have a bar tour of some of the well-known, and not so well-known, "haunted" bars in town.  And suddenly the idea of the "Haunted Hangover" was born. How neat is that?

What Do You Need To Know:

From the moment you sign in, anytime beginning after 12:00 at O'Connor's in the Old Market, you will be walking into the site of a live paranormal investigation conducted by Brian Kent and a few people from his great team of investigators at Paracon.  Brian will be presenting any evidence that he collects that day, and will also speak about his paranormal experiences, his new book, and his approach to dealing with spirits in a respectful and appropriate manner.  This is always pretty fascinating...so don't be late!
Team from Paracon

Now, this is still a bar crawl (and a reason to party) so O'Connor's will be rocking thanks to the talents of Omaha's greatest DJ duo...Technical Hype.  The Jack and G-Man will make sure to help you shake off any remnants of a hangover from the night before with their HitThatDive approved brand of entertaining.

The Jack and the G-Man!
And also, lately, I have been somewhat adopted into the Omaha blogger scene (who saw that one coming?) so we are happy to welcome along Trish Eklund from the "Her View From Omaha" blog to document everything that happens throughout the day (that I usually forget about after the third bar)...for obvious reasons.

Finally, thanks to Phil Bauersachs from RNDC, Falcon Division, for his support in helping to get this off the ground and for coordinating the presence of Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost and Devil's Cut whiskeys than may very will haunt most of you on Monday morning...but only in the best possible way of course!
Giving a few of these away

Wait...since it seems like I am throwing out shameless plugs faster than I can type...I also need to send out a special thanks to "Kickin'"Kevin Tworek from Mr. Butts and Mrs. Butts Underground Cigar Company, and Barry Hofmaster owner of the Brass Monkey for being (other than myself) the only people to never miss a HitThatDive bar tour.  If not for their help and support, I doubt I would have even done more than one of these events...so thanks to both of you for your efforts over the last few years...it is always extremely appreciated!

A Few Notes: 
  • No Ouija boards. Brian can explain why on Sunday
  • No puking on the buses.  They will charge you a $250 "Clean up" fee.  For reals!
  • Be prepared to share Facebook pictures and Tweet about the event often on Sunday.  Prizes will be given out for the best social media posts that mention HitThatDive.
  • Learn more about the tour from my appearance on The Pat&JT "After Hours" Halloween special from two weeks ago. 
  • Have fun.  This will be a great afternoon of fun, friends, bars and the paranormal.  If you have any questions at all prior to Sunday, send me an email to hitthatdive@gmail.com.  Or ping me on Facebook or Twitter...as some of you know...I am usually pretty quick to respond.


Sunday "Funday" November 17, 2013.  12:00-6:00 PM
Starts and ends at O'Connor's 1217 Howard Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68102

*Keep in mind, that even if you weren't able to get a spot on one of the buses, you're always more than welcome to have a designated diver tote your ass around to all the locations with us...the more the merrier.*

O'Connor's: 12-1:15 -- Sign in, have a drink or two and take some time to check out Omaha's most haunted bar.  Owner Katie O'Connor has graciously opened her place (which is normally closed on Sundays) for the Haunted Hangover.  Have Katie, Brian or even me show you some of the more known haunted spots in the bar...and make it a point to say "Hi" to Leo...especially if you're in the ladies room!

Promptly at 1:15 we hop on the buses and make our way to the first stop...The Village Bar.

The Village Bar: 1:40-2:40 -- The former Ralston mortuary in the early 1900's, this is a place where I actually had a paranormal experience earlier this year.  Owner Brock can give you the history of the building, pour you a shot of Jim Beam, and show you the exact spot of where full body appreciations have been spotted.  Scared yet?  No?  Well then...hopefully
nicely buzzed.

Back on the buses at 2:40 (we do leave stragglers behind) and we're off to The White House...no not that one...the one on Cass by Big Red Keno.

The White House Bar: 2:55 -3:40 -- You know, I don't really know a lot about this bar.  But, let's have some of the regulars...a few of which are on the tour with us...tell us about the place and the "regulars" that still hang here long after they have passed on.  And, when you think about, would you rather be a spirit at Jiffy Lube or a bar?  That isn't really that tough of a decision...is it?

At 3:30, it's time to head to the second most haunted spot in Omaha...Benson.

The Sydney: 3:50-4:40 --  When I asked the question of what is the most haunted bar in Omaha, this came in second place only to O'Connor's. Feel like Take a break from all of your paranormal "investigating"? Well, you're in luck...take advantage of free pool that they have here all day on Sundays.

It's now 4:40 and we are back on the buses for a two-second trip down the street to Louis Bar.  I would say we could walk, but that intersection just before the place was NOT designed for those that have had a few drinks earlier in the day.

Louis Grill and Bar 4:45-5:40 --  A Benson institution since 1934, this a place where that the old-time regulars are convinced is haunted.  Sunday Funday bartender Lauren might not agree with them, but grab a drink and take a walk around to all the corners of the bar.  Do YOU get a creepy feeling in here? Or, is that just several hours of drinking talking?

One last trip on the buses will bring us back to O'Connor's no later than 6:00 PM.  Feel free to hang out a bit longer here if you can, or have cab or designated driver ready to pick you up...and take you home...or to another bar. There will still be plenty of hours left in the evening to keep the party rolling...that's for sure!

Thanks to everyone that signed up...this will be a great time!

See You on Sunday!

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