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Friday, November 22, 2013

Haunted Hangover -- RECAP

Hopefully, by now, everyone is fully recovered (and accounted for) after the Sunday Funday that was HitThatDive's Haunted Hangover.  Thank you to everyone that made this one of the most memorable HTD events, that the majority of people had a hard time remembering in the morning.  Which is always my way to say...let's do this again!

Below are just a handful of photos that people shared in the social media contest for the final two bottles of Jim Beam Devil's Cut and Jacob's Ghost.  So, the real question is...who are the winners? Well, that's easy, just scroll through all the pictures and see if your name is there.  And the winners are...

...Marcia Ponciano Wallace and Raychael Workman...congratulations to both of you!

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