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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bar Rescue in Omaha Final Recap -- PART 3

Coming December 15th!
By now, regular HTD readers have come to expect that when I say tomorrow, it can sometimes mean a week from tomorrow.  But, fear not, as promised seven days ago...here is Guy Incognito's recap of the always a sham taping of Bar Rescue.

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Target #2: Oasis Hookah Bar (Taza Nightclub)

I made sure I participated in this bar's rescue after being burned at Sorties. I wasn't happy about what I saw and experienced at Sorties, so I was quite surprised when I practically walked right into the stress test for this one. There was hardly anyone there to stress the staff out! Turns out people don't show up at bars on very cold Tuesday nights to experience a bar documenting its hard failings at customer service.

Of my experiences throughout the three weeks, this seemed the least scripted. And why would it be? The whole purpose is to just let the merciless public in and bring the operation to a standstill so Taffer can rip into them over how much they suck. The producers aren't trying to frame anything as being pretty. They want this portion of filming to be raw as possible.

Just what we need
Unfortunately for the Bar Rescue folks, Oasis didn't fail that bad. The bartenders were producing drinks quick enough to keep up with everyone, although the servers were starting to fumble where they should be going. I think I had 4 different people wait on us throughout the night, but the fact is that they were keeping on top of things and being as courteous as possible about it.

Even with Taffer chasing them around and trying to dig up fodder for his wrath, they seemed mostly unrattled. I guess when you try to stir Midwestern folks, we just don't care to reciprocate anger with more anger. I did find it interesting that after Taffer had his final big blow-up of the night, as he walked away from it, his anger almost disappeared from his face immediately and turned into a huge grin as he approached who I assumed to be one of the producers, almost as if to say, "That was a good one, wasn't it?"

Not hard to memorize, I guess
I actually applaud the Oasis staff and management for persevering and seeming to actually be a good group of people who are perhaps in over their heads trying to run a business on a city block that is half-developed and littered with sketchy people waiting for buses that never seem to come. I don't know what the owner’s financial situation is, but I can't imagine this whole facelift was as much of a sham as Sorties appeared to be.

Whether or not the new Taza Nightclub will attract the Morocco-lovin' female demographic that likes squatting on ottomans with expensive cocktails for most of their evening remains to be seen. If the fact that most of the crowd walked out when the cameras left was any indicator, I'd say it might be time to pack up the hookahs and head further east, where you might get half a chance at getting steady foot traffic from the core Old Market area.

I will say the remodeling was a step in the right direction in terms of creating a more coherent theme. Once they add the hookahs back in, the Moroccan theme might not mean a damn thing if the old crowd wants to just come back and enjoy their old haunts.

When it came to waiting in line for this reopening, though, this did pour salt into old wounds and once again proved that the Bar Rescue staff just absolutely sucks at this whole process. Rudely padding the front of the line with friends, families, vendors, gypsies, clubbers, etc. in front of people waiting for hours to get in is simply inexcusable.

But I guess that's the bottom line when it comes to television. You want the pretty faces up front in that shot that lasts for barely a second. I was just happy to get inside (at 11:50 p.m.???), but was satisfied and ready to go home once I realized the service was actually worse and the overpriced drinks were not worth draining my bank account over.

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