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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ODDKA Vodka -- Taste Test

A few weeks ago, a friend (and former co-worker that now works for a New York City PR firm) asked if I would review vodka from one of his clients.  "What all does this involve?", I asked him just to be sure it didn't sound too much like work.  "We'll send you some vodka, drink it, and write your opinion of it."  Wait.  Free booze?  I'm in!

Fresh Cut Grass, Electricity, and Wasabi ODDKA Vodka

ODDKA: For those that don't know...ODDKA makes some of the most interesting flavors of vodka on the market today including "Fresh Cut Grass", "Salty Caramel Popcorn", and "Wasabi".  I figured that I would sit around the house one night, sample all three flavors that I was sent, write up a few notes and call it a day.

But, that just seemed kind of boring.  So I called my friends at Omaha's Elbow Room to see if they were interested in helping me review some vodka.  Of course the answer was yes...so with camera and vodka in-hand...I was off to add "Booze Reviewer" to my ever-expanding resume.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should be worth even more than that, right?  So, let me have HTD friend Jeff Novak, take the honors of introducing (and sampling first) our three ODDKA vodka flavors for the night.

Fresh Cut Grass: The thoughts on this one were universal.  What in the world is it? And, what do I order it with?  As it turns out, we all liked it as a chilled shot. It really does smell exactly as the name implies...but it was far more drinkable then we had anticipated.  Of note, we also tried it mixed with tonic water which was NOT a good fit.  Somehow the tonic took the subtle grass taste and enhanced it into what tasted like a giant pile of lawn clippings dumped right into your mouth...not what we had hoped.

If you're going to mix it with anything, soda water seems to be the wiser choice.  The ODDKA website also has a few additional cocktail suggestions for Fresh Cut Grass.  But, as for the HitThatDive crowd...we'll stick with drinking this as a chilled shot every time.

Enter "Fast Eddie".  Eddie is a vodka drinker that had never had ODDKA before, so naturally we put him on the spot immediately!  Was Fast Eddie the newest ODDKA fan in town?  Take a look for yourself.

Electricity:  Jeff described this one as grape-flavored where as Fast Eddie determined its flavor to be "Blue".  In either case, it's a berry-flavored vodka where the flavoring is not too overpowering.  Again, our taste testers at The Elbow Room determined this best served as a shot, but Jeff even thought it would work with soda water as well.

Ultimately, Electricity is for vodka drinkers who want a little different taste, yet don't want the flavor to completely overpower the vodka itself.  Even a vodka drinker like Fast Eddie was impressed with this one.

Now...how do I properly tee-up the ODDKA Wasabi flavor.  Perhaps our man DLH summed it up best in this video.

Wasabi: As a shot, this will get your attention.  Immediately! It was impossible for anyone at The Elbow Room this night to try ODDKA Wasabi without feeling the burn seconds after you swallowed it.  That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact, much like eating wasabi...it seemed to be a great way to clear out your sinuses.

When you think spicy and vodka, you immediately think of a Bloody Mary.  Jeff's concern with making a Bloody Mary with ODDKA Wasabi was that he didn't want a mix to out-do the already spicy vodka taste.  So, he came up with his own recipe:

The Elbow Room ODDKA Wasabi Bloody Mary:

  • Celery Salt
  • Pepper 
  • Hot Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Tomato Juice (No Bloody Mary mix)
  • ODDKA Wasabi Vodka 

Now, in all fairness, did everyone that tired all the ODDKA vodka love it?  Nope.  But, what I was initially concerned about was that none of us were going to like any of them...and just wasn't the case. It's different, it's unique, and yes...it's a bit odd...but they even tell you that by the company's name.   

With all the flavored vodkas that are over-saturating the market with the same old offerings like Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake or even Fluffed Marshmallow...I like the fact that ODDKA wants to stand out in the vodka crowd and make something truly different.  

Are these flavors for everyone...probably not. But if you're tired of the same old offerings (and don't mind wandering off the beaten path when trying a new drink or two) ODDKA will take you down an adventurous drinking adventure that you can enjoy...without ever leaving the comfort of your barstool.  

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