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Monday, February 3, 2014

Addy's Sports Bar and Grill -- OMAHA WING CHALLENGE

14110 S Street

Omaha NE 68137
402 991 2663

I tried a new approach in my review of Addy's.  Saturday marked my third trip here since December 23rd, so this particular review are based over several visits...and not just one as usual.  A little bit about this bar if you've never been here...the parking sucks.  In fact, don't even deal with the lot in front of the bar, just go to Boulder Creek up the road and park...that's what I do to avoid getting frustrated.

I was a big fan of the old Addy's location, so it surprises me just how different the new Addy's is compared to the old one. If you've never been here, Addy's really ins't a dive these days, but it is one of the best locally owner sports bars in the area. The regulars are still a holdover from the old place, so while Addy's has gone a bit upscale...a lot of the regulars still look like the folks you'd see hanging out in many other Millard dive bars.

Lastly, they have some sort of kickass-looking golf simulator room to the right of the bar.  If you miss swinging your clubs this winter...give this thing a try.  And then tell me how it works, because it looks confusing as hell to me.

Why am I here again?  Oh...yeah...wings.  I'll stop rambling.

Definitely NOT dry
First Impressions:  Order a bowl of beer and wait.  Not an overly long wait, but don't expect your wings to be thrown at you in less than seven minutes like Oscar's.  I didn't set my stopwatch, but my guess is that I waited between 15-20...which is the right amount of time to properly cook wings. Going against my tradition of Buffalo wings...I went strictly with their Char Buff wings.  They came out smoking hot all three times, but as a few readers on Facebook pointed out, they look a bit dry.  Which is kind of true, but this is a case that looks can be deceiving.  They smell good and spicy...and are burn your fingers hot.  Good start!

Score: 9

Sauce:  I kind of goofed on this one.  Since char buffing basically grills the sauce into the wings...it's kind of hard to get a real feel for just exactly how it tastes.  Now, the zip I had from the "Hot" sauce I ordered was great...it's just tough to really give a score on this one.  Others of Facebook have suggested getting them Char Buffed and then dipped again into extra sauce...which it a good option if you're a real sauce lover.  Even without it, all three orders tasted great...and because they aren't very messy... I didn't have to deal with looking like a clown mouth when I left.

Score: 8 (I'll go back soon and try them with additional sauce...promise.  So this may change.)

Double-dipped next time
Crispy:  Now we're talking!  Not sure I have enough flowery language in my limited vocabulary to describe just how perfectly Addy's wings are cooked.  They are super crispy on the outside, hot and juicy on the inside, they are easy to pull from the bone...you get it.  I like how they're cooked...A LOT!  Addy's seems to actually care about ensuring every single order of wings are cooked to perfection.  Even after sitting on the bar for 5 minutes or so, my last wing was still HOT to the touch on the inside when I pulled it apart.  And again, this was from three separate orders over the last month...so it's definitely not a fluke.

Score: 10!

Size:  Addy's has larger than normal wings, which at some bars, could be real trouble from under or over cooking.  But not here.  It's almost like they take the time to cook each wing separately.  The bigger and the smaller are all consistently great.  Even some of the oversized "Drummie" pieces would just fall off the bone.  Hell, you can even just Fred Flintstone the largest wings in your order...which is basically shoving it in your mouth and pulling out a stripped clean bone.

Score: 10
Pass me a straw!

Extras:  Holy crap!  Is that REAL bleu cheese...with chunks of cheese and everything?  YES! Finally, good blue cheese in Omaha...I TOLD YOU it could happen someday!  Celery, check. Here's the other thing I like about Addy's, you can even just get a half order for like $4.95 leaving more room for another bowl of beer.  I'm telling you, I was so psyched to get real blue cheese, I played a few minutes of "fish the chunks out of the cup with a  chicken bone" game. If anyone was there on Saturday, yeah, I was the goof at the bar eating blue cheese for desert.  I'm not big on social graces.

Score: 10

47 out of 50.  

The current record holder is the Pheasant in Millard with a grand total of 48 points.  Addy's is only one point behind AND I need to go back and try another order that are "double-dipped" in hot sauce.

Will we have a new tie?  Will we have a new winner? Hmmmmmm...who knew a wing review could have a cliffhanger of an ending!  Just like a special episode of Happy Days...you know, like when Pinkie Tuscadero and the Malachi Brothers would show up, this one is...TO BE CONTINUED.

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