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Friday, May 23, 2014

Jim Beam Tasting Recap -- Leavenworth Bar

4556 Leavenworth Street
Omaha NE 68106

Great turnout last night at the Leavenworth Bar, the "LB" for those who know their dive bar lingo.  So why Jim Beam and HitThatDive?  This is an EASY one. For those that can remember back to their American history books, the start of Kentucky bourbon actually started when a bunch of angry whiskey drinkers started a rebellion in Southwestern Pennsylvania...AKA...my homeland.

It was Jim Beam time last night. 

So, just how old school of a whiskey is Jim Beam?  Like George Washington old school!

What We Learned About the Start of Jim Beam Last Night: In 1791, the freshman U.S. government approved one of its first tax increases—on all distilled spirits—in an attempt to make up some of the costs of the Revolutionary War.

Farmers rioted—with a mob at the epicenter of the rebellion in western Pennsylvania attacking a federal marshal, and another group setting a regional inspector's property ablaze.  Surely MY ancestors! 

Gotta love the LB
President Washington offered the rebels a settlement and incentives to move to western Virginia. Then-Governor Thomas Jefferson sweetened the deal with sixty acres in Kentucky County for any settler building a permanent structure and raising native corn. These rebel-farmers joined others already there, distilling corn-based whiskey on a larger scale.

Well, we learned a lot more than that too from a local Jim Beam expert, complete with in-depth video that I can out of time to edit today. Looks like lots of video edition this weekend between Memorial Day holiday weekend beers.

The Jim Beam girls were in the house
The Bar: Opened as a bar in 1951, the LB is EXACTLY what you think of when you think neighborhood bar.  Friendly service, great drink specials, and and always eclectic mix of customers from doctors to derelicts...all of which seem to get along just fine.  Older drinkers, younger pool players and everything in between can always be found here. Owner Kirk will always make sure you're having a good time.  

Nice Beam hickey
Later today, well at 5:30 on May 23rd...we're off to the Marylebone Tavern to get WILD with some Wild Turkey samplings.  Stop on by for live entertainment, great drink special and plenty of free swag to giveaway.  It's the start of a three-day weekend for a lot of people...make this happy hour count! We will see you tonight!

Great crowd

Always free stuff at these events

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