Jukebox Skipping

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dive Bar Jukebox Etiquette

Question: Is it EVER okay for a bartender to NOT like a song and simply press "Skip" to go to the next song?

Over the weekend, one of the good folks at Billy Froggs in the Old Market skipped over a song because "He didn't want to hear two Mexican songs in a row." YIKES!

Now, keep in mind that the people playing the songs are Hispanic, and, had all gathered in town for the birthday of a family member.

After skipping the song, the family asked for their money back and were told no, "I do this at least 30 times a day."

So, I ask you, Omaha's dive bar going pubic...did the bartender at Billy Froggs have a right to skip a song he didn't like and refuse to give the money back. OR...was he just being a jerk to people who were in HIS bar paying money to have a good time.

(PS...this just in bar owners...you don't have a business if people don't want to come into your bar to eat and drink.) DUH!

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  2. They play music that people don't like (bartenders & patrons) at my dive bar and we just remind one another that someone paid money to hear that song and we can suck it up or leave!!

    1. Suck it up or leave is right! Don't like it...put your own money in the jukebox!